Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yes I'm Still Around

Sorry I have not been posting. Life has been busy and not much to report in the garden. Well... is that really true?... If this blog is to be a journal of my garden journey then I should be posting on how things are going this year.

Why there is not much to report is because we have not had much of a summer here in the Bay Area (CA) this year. The tomatoes are taking a long time to ripen as well as the bell peppers. Mildew hit the garden early and all the winter and summer squash is covered with it as well as the cucumbers. Speaking of cucumbers... compared to last year are non-existent....I did get a few. I did get a better crop of onions this year compared to last year and the pole beans were out of control. I've had to start freezing them cause we couldn't eat them fast enough.

Lets see anything else... oh yea... the squirrels have been relentless and the blue jays love my raspberries. I can't wait for next season! :-)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Haven Garden Project Blog Update

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Happy Gardening!