Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's That Time of Year...

... when I start thinking of new projects for the garden... and yes I have two maybe three so far.
One I already mentioned.. adding water lines to all the beds. I have picked up a few supplies to test out the idea and it looks like it's going to work.... and while I was working out the water plan the second idea came to me. I will be reconfiguring bed 2. It is currently a 3x9 bed that is 8 inch high. I want to bring it down to 8x3 and add 6 inches of height to it. I may add a trellis to the end of it as well. Bring the bed down to 8 feet will give me a little more walking room to get to bed 5.

Bed 2 3x9
I'm hoping it will not rain Saturday so I can start taking apart the bed. I would love to knock this project out this weekend. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Water and Seeds


I spent the weekend at a good friends house scrap booking. We both love to garden and every time I go over to Victoria's house she has something new to show me. Well this time was no different.

She has been wanting to put in some raised beds outside her kitchen door and the last time I was at her house we worked out a design. The area outside her kitchen is on a bit of a hill and she would need to terrace the beds and put in some stairs. Well much to her surprise when she arrived home from a two week vacation with her grand daughter her boyfriend Bill had built her beds. He took our idea as a starting point and came up with the most beautiful raised beds.

Beautiful raised beds

While taking a tour of the garden I noticed Bill had put water lines in all the beds. He is the Master of water. I have been wanting to get water lines into my raised beds for two years now but could not come up with an idea. I have sprinkler heads that I had capped off when I put the beds in and knew I could use them some how to bring water into the beds. I just couldn't see how until this weekend. I told Bill what I had to work with and he gave me a solution! My next project... WATER! I can't wait to get started and the best part, the water line is already on a timer!


I'm sure most of you are familiar with Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds If not be sure to check them out. In June of 2009 they opened a store in Petaluma, California. Located in the historic Sonoma County National Bank building. The store is just one and a half hours from my house and guess what lucky girl gets to go to the new store on her Birthday this Wednesday? Yes that would be me!

Inside the Petaluma Seed Bank in Petaluma, California

I am so looking forward to the 2011 growing season!