Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Garden Update

Here are some photos I took in the last two weeks.

Photo Below: Bed 1 the cherry tomatoes are getting so tall that I will need a step ladder to pick them off the top. The arch is about 7 feet tall and the vines are two to three feet above that.

Photo Below: Bush tomatoes... I can't wait until these are ripe.

Photo Below: View of beds 2 and 3

Photos Below: The watermelons in bed two are getting bigger. They are the size of a golf ball maybe even a little bigger.

Photos Below: The antique marigold and the cilantro in the right corner of bed 3 is shading the basil. I pulled the cilantro since it has bolted and moved the marigold.

There that's better....

Photo Below: Marigold moved to potato bed two since is was empty.

Photos Below: The basil is much happier....

...when it's not over 90 degrees. I had to cover them with shade cloth for a few days.

Photos Below: The bell peppers are really starting to take off now that the weather has warmed up.

I did, however pull the runt bell pepper. I'll be planting some lettuce in it's place.

Photo Below: Bed 2

Photos Below: In bed 4 I pulled out all the lettuce and reseeded with carrots...

...and used Granny's trick of covering them to keep from drying out.

Photos Below: The onions seem to be putting on some size.

Photos Below: The garlic has died back...

They are not very big... I'll wait to pull the second square to see if they get any bigger.

Photo Below: Bush beans ready to pick.

Photo Below: I pulled out the round zucchini. I wasn't getting much of a harvest from them for the space. I have reseeded the empty squares with lettuce. This area is a bit shaded from the bush beans.

Photos Below: I pulled out the potatoes in bed 1...

very low yield but very good.

Photo Below: The snap peas cannot decide if they want to die off or put out new growth. I'm just going to let them be and see what they do.

Photo Below: Strawberry bed is growing very well and is starting to put out runners.

Photos Below: The Pumpkin on a stick is doing very well and it looks like I will have mini pumpkins on a stick this Fall. I was not sure if this plant was going to be true to seed when I saved the seeds from an arrangement that was given to me last Fall.

Photos Below: Pumpkin on a Stick

Photo Below: View from my living room

Hope you enjoyed the photos.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

This Weeks Harvest

Last weekend my husband and I spent a few days away for some much needed R&R. While we were gone my son and his girlfriend took care of my garden. I must say they did a fine job.

On Sunday June 21st they harvested the following... (yes they even weighed everything and wrote it down in my log).

1 pound baby cucumbers
0.3 oz pole beans
0.1 snap peas
30z bush beans

They did take photos but I haven't seen them much this week to get the the photo's down loaded.

Photo Below: June 23rd harvest

13 oz english cucumber
8 oz baby cucumber
4 oz bush beans
1 oz pole beans
3 oz cherry tomatoes

Photo Below: June 24th harvest

1 1/2 pounds potatoes
3 oz bush beans
0.5 oz basil
0.4 cherry tomatoes
0.9 garlic (not shown)

Photo Below: June 25th harvest

4.6 oz red onions
I used the onions in a orzo salad...

From the garden for this recipe...red onion, basil, and mint.

Photo Below: June 27th harvest

6 oz cherry tomatoes
10 oz english cucumber
2 1/2 pounds baby cucumbers
0.3 oz snap peas
0.4 oz pole beans
6 oz bush beans

I used two cucumbers to make this cucumber and feta salad. From the garden I also used mint and lemon.

My next post will be updated photos of the garden... be sure to check back...

Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm still here

Hello all. Just wanted to let you know I'm still around. Life sometimes gets in the way of fun and I have not had much time to play on the computer. I hope to get some garden photos up this weekend and photos of this weeks harvest.

So stay tuned........

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Few Photos

I was all worried that I wasn't going to have any luck with my full size bell peppers.....

Photos Below: Well looks like I will have a harvest or two.

Photo Below: Red baby bell pepper

Photos Below: Bush Beans

Photo Below: Bush Tomatoes. I can't wait to see how big these get and what kind of flavor they will have.

Photo Below: Won't be long now and I'll have a hand full of cherry tomatoes.

Photo Below: I'm still on track to have corn on the 4th of July. It may only be one ear.

Photo Below: English cucumbers

Photo Below: The garlic is starting to die back. If all goes well I'll be pulling garlic in July.

Photo Below: I think I planted most of the onions too deep. One white onion is looking OK.

Photo Below: The canteloupe is starting to take off now. I hope I get melons!

Photo Below: Pumpkins are holding up well on the trellis.

Photo Below: Spaghetti Squash is starting to turn color.

Photos Below: The round zucchini is not doing very well. I have harvested two so far and they are very good, but I may pull them to free up 4 squares to plant some more carrots.

Photo Below: Look at that new big banana leaf and the pup is growing really fast too.