Saturday, June 27, 2009

This Weeks Harvest

Last weekend my husband and I spent a few days away for some much needed R&R. While we were gone my son and his girlfriend took care of my garden. I must say they did a fine job.

On Sunday June 21st they harvested the following... (yes they even weighed everything and wrote it down in my log).

1 pound baby cucumbers
0.3 oz pole beans
0.1 snap peas
30z bush beans

They did take photos but I haven't seen them much this week to get the the photo's down loaded.

Photo Below: June 23rd harvest

13 oz english cucumber
8 oz baby cucumber
4 oz bush beans
1 oz pole beans
3 oz cherry tomatoes

Photo Below: June 24th harvest

1 1/2 pounds potatoes
3 oz bush beans
0.5 oz basil
0.4 cherry tomatoes
0.9 garlic (not shown)

Photo Below: June 25th harvest

4.6 oz red onions
I used the onions in a orzo salad...

From the garden for this onion, basil, and mint.

Photo Below: June 27th harvest

6 oz cherry tomatoes
10 oz english cucumber
2 1/2 pounds baby cucumbers
0.3 oz snap peas
0.4 oz pole beans
6 oz bush beans

I used two cucumbers to make this cucumber and feta salad. From the garden I also used mint and lemon.

My next post will be updated photos of the garden... be sure to check back...


  1. That sure was nice of them to take care of everything for you! I won't let anybody get near mine. Ha! The bugs would take over, for sure....

  2. You're lucky you have someone to watch your garden. I could set my sprinklers to water automatically, but I haven't yet found an automatic garden produce picker! Your produce is looking wonderful, and that scale is "gaining weight" quickly! I wish my cucumbers & tomatoes would get in gear.

    I'm glad you're back :-)

  3. EG,

    Yes it was. They are very good to me. They even called me to tell me how much they picked :-)

  4. Thanks Granny.
    If I lived closer I would harvest for you.
    I can't believe I have already pick 35 pounds out of the garden.

  5. 35 pounds, 50 pounds. I don't know how many pounds EG has harvested, but you folks are going to make me hide my produce counter.

    By the way, Liisa, you were right on the money with the raspberries. You said they'd be ready to pick in two weeks, and I picked the first one just a couple days short of a week.

  6. Oops. A couple days short of two weeks.

  7. hope you enjoyed your vacay. what a nice son and son's girlfriend you have to do that for you!

    great pics...the orzo salad looks delish. i've been salivating over everyone's harvest. i can't wait to grow zucchini and potatoes next year. i'm about to relocate south so i can grow all year long! :P

  8. Cheryl,
    Before long your harvest will be right up there with the rest of us. My raspberries are done for the spring. I think I will get another harvest this Fall.

    Thank you we did enjoy the time away.
    The salad was very good.
    Growing all year round would be great... I'm hoping to do the same... this year will be the test.