Sunday, June 7, 2009

This Weeks Garden Update

Welcome Follower "crazychica8685" Thanks for following my blog!

I haven't been in the garden much the past few days. Friday I had a High School Graduation to go to and Saturday was spent at the Sunset "Celebration Weekend 2009" with my sister. No real highlight at the "Celebration". We had fun checking things out and signing up to win free trips and cars. Oh sis did win a two night stay in Carson City NV on a wheel spin.. I won a pen...Ha!

Today I watered and had a few things to cut back. After that Hubby and I went to the driving range to get some swinging and putting practice in. I haven't played golf yet this year. I didn't do too bad for not picking up my clubs since last Novemeber.

Now for some garden photos taken this week... Click on the photos for a larger view.

Photo Below: June 4th Harvest. The raspberries came in at 8 oz's (106 berries)

Photo Below: June 6th Harvest. The baby carrots were so good!

Not pictured: On June 7th I picked 1 English cucumber, 1 round zucchini and 5 oz's of raspberries.

Photo Below: Yellow bush beans.

Photo Below: The sungold cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen.

Photos Below: The next 4 photos are of the cucumbers. There's about 12 of them right now and more coming.

Photo Below: I have one runt bell pepper that hasn't grown since I planted it. It's trying so hard to put out a few buds. I may pull it and put some more carrots in. My peppers look great and I have lots of buds but I don't have any fruit on the full size peppers and only 4 on the baby peppers.

Photo Below: The pumpkins are getting bigger. Can't wait to make pumpkin pie!

Photo Below: The nasturtium is growing up into the spaghetti squash.

Photo Below: The watermelons are not doing much of anything. I am getting flowers but more male than females. I think they will be a bust.

Photo Below: Ok now this last photo was taken on June 3rd. I was watering the tomatoes and uncovered this with the water. It's organic from what I can tell and the little black pod like things in there look to be seeds but I couldn't tell. At first I thought it was some sort of hive but I didn't see anything crawling or flying out of it. I removed it and see more "growing" in the bed. Has anyone ever seen anythng like this before?


  1. Thank you for the welcome! I love your picture filled blog :) Your garden looks amazing so far, I can't believe how much you're harvesting! Mine probably won't be looking like that for another month or so haha.

  2. Great pics, Liisa! I have something similar to that last photo in my garden, and it was due to the rains we had. It some kind of "mushroom thingy".

  3. Looks like some alien outer space thingy-ma-jig to me. Not as pretty as mine, which looked like yellow dog vomit all around a garden bed ;-)

    Ooooooh...raspberries. And so many of them! And actual edible sized carrots! Granny is jealous.

  4. I've got a serious case of garden envy...but you guys can keep the outer space mushrooms and the yellow dog vomit.

  5. Hi Cynthia,
    Thanks so much. Before you know it you will not be able to keep up with your harvest :-)

    Thanks! Mushroom thingy huh? Well as long as it doesn't hurt the tomatoes I can live with it. I'll just keep pulling it out when I see it.

    Yellow dog vomit looking! I don't think I would like that in my yard.

    Yea I don't want them in my yard either.


  6. You might try plucking off the runt pepper's attempt at a fruit. Mine did so much better last year when I finally took off the baby peppers that were just sitting there doing nothing. They were blooming when I planted them but then the peppers that came of those blooms did nothing for weeks. Once we pulled them, we got decent pepper production for what little time we had left in the season. Might be worth a try if you're not quite ready to replace it yet.

  7. Amy,

    Thanks! I'll give that a try.


  8. Rosey,

    Yes they are and I will be harvesting some this week along with a few cherry tomatoes and the last of the lettuce. I will be able to make at least one or two salads that will be from the garden. With the cooler weather we have been having the lettuce has not gone to flower yet... but looks like they are trying.


  9. Maybe it's a really, really nice pen?! ;^)
    I love that you counted all the berries and that you're getting tom's already and your nasturtium sure is pretty even if it's taking over!

    That last bit is probably a type of fungus, we get a similar looking one called birds egg fungus... do a google image search and you'll see what I'm talking about. My guess is you have wood chips in that area or other woody mulch...

  10. Slime mold? Slime mold will be whitish and look like deformed golf balls.

    Wack one and a black puff cloud results...

    Otherwise harmless...however don't ingest or breath.



  11. Jenn,

    I just love you! Yes I have birds egg fungus. From what I read it's good stuff.


  12. Hey Mr Rabbit!

    No deformed golf balls found in the garden yet.