Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Best Time To Plant A Tree

I started this blog post on March 25th and I'm just getting back to it.
You know... Life.

And plant a tree I did.

March 19th 2017

The apple tree is safely in her new home and is the centerpiece of the yard. The rest of the garden will be designed around her. Yes my apple tree is a her. No I didn't give her a name. 
That would be silly. (giggle)

We did get some blooms but the timing was off and they did not get pollinated.
We were not expecting any apples this year.

April 2017

I planted some nasturtium seeds around the tree for some spring color. 
They did much better than I thought they would in our heat. 

May 2017

The apple tree is looking very healthy.
The nasturtiums are starting to show some heat stress.

There you go! You are all caught up on the apple tree.