Saturday, June 19, 2010

Haven Family House Garden Project

The Haven garden project is coming along nicely. The beds could use some more plants but you have to work with what you get in money and plant donations.

Photo below: The garden when you first walk in...
Photo taken June 19th

On May 15 the Eagle Scouts alumni volunteered to build a much needed shade structure over the sitting area.
Photos below taken May 15 2010

They really did a great great job!
Photo below taken June 19, 2010

Jenn, these next few photos are for you....
Pumpkin Hill June 19 2010
Click on photos for a larger view
The pumpkins are doing much better than I thought they would with the cooler weather that we are having.

Photos below: Next to the pumpkins the bush beans are thriving. Monday we have some volunteers coming to do a little weeding as well as harvesting the beans. They will also be planting some more squash and tomatoes.

Photo below: The bell peppers are struggling in this cool weather.

Photo below: Out of the nine bell pepper plants only one has fruit on it so far.

Photos Below: The fruit trees on the other hand are doing great.

Photo below: There is also a group coming this week to put the final touches on a new children's play house.
Now I need to start thinking about the Fall garden!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday's Harvest

Just a quick post on today's Harvest.

Bush Beans 4.0 oz This is the first picking of the season.
Raspberries 5.4 oz
Strawberries 4.6 oz
Zucchini 15.3 oz I let one of them grow just a little to big.

I have been playing around with Google Doc's and posted my 2010 harvest spreadsheet. In the left sidebar where you see "2010 Harvest" Click on the photo for my harvest details.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunny and Hot

What a beautiful day. I gave everything a good soak this morning before it got too hot. It reached 90 degrees this afternoon in my yard. I also took some photos of the garden while it was still shady.

Click on photos for a larger view.

Photos below: From the roof.

Photos below: The tomato bed is looking like a jungle.

It won't be long now....

Photos below: Bed 2. I pulled out the last of the broccoli and planted 2 butternut squash and 1 zucchini to fill in the bed. The cucumbers are not as far along as this time last year mostly due to the weather. I also started with smaller plants. I started my seeds in the green house a month later than the year before. I think I will go back to starting them in January.

Photo below: Bed 3. Bell peppers in the front of the bed.

Photos below: Bush beans in bed 3.

Photo below: Basil

Photo below: Carrots

Photo below: Crookneck squash.

Photo below: Zucchini

Photo below: Bed 4 baby bell peppers.

Photo below: The pole beans in bed 4 are outgrowing their trellis.

Photo below: The onions are finally bulbing up.

Photo below: My first baby bell pepper.

Photo below: Bed 5. We fixed the trellis today. We had to pull it off the old fence before they took it down . Sweet Husband secured it to the new fence and I weaved the acorn squash through it and planted a cucumber in place of the acorn squash that was pulled up during the rebuild.

Photo below: Acorn squash.

Photo below: The sweet potatoes are doing really well.

Photo below: Strawberry bed.

Photo below: Now that the weather is warming up the ginger is starting to grow.

Photo below: Banana

Photo below: Sunflower

This years garden got off to a slow start with the cooler than normal Spring. But overall I think it's doing well.