Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunny and Hot

What a beautiful day. I gave everything a good soak this morning before it got too hot. It reached 90 degrees this afternoon in my yard. I also took some photos of the garden while it was still shady.

Click on photos for a larger view.

Photos below: From the roof.

Photos below: The tomato bed is looking like a jungle.

It won't be long now....

Photos below: Bed 2. I pulled out the last of the broccoli and planted 2 butternut squash and 1 zucchini to fill in the bed. The cucumbers are not as far along as this time last year mostly due to the weather. I also started with smaller plants. I started my seeds in the green house a month later than the year before. I think I will go back to starting them in January.

Photo below: Bed 3. Bell peppers in the front of the bed.

Photos below: Bush beans in bed 3.

Photo below: Basil

Photo below: Carrots

Photo below: Crookneck squash.

Photo below: Zucchini

Photo below: Bed 4 baby bell peppers.

Photo below: The pole beans in bed 4 are outgrowing their trellis.

Photo below: The onions are finally bulbing up.

Photo below: My first baby bell pepper.

Photo below: Bed 5. We fixed the trellis today. We had to pull it off the old fence before they took it down . Sweet Husband secured it to the new fence and I weaved the acorn squash through it and planted a cucumber in place of the acorn squash that was pulled up during the rebuild.

Photo below: Acorn squash.

Photo below: The sweet potatoes are doing really well.

Photo below: Strawberry bed.

Photo below: Now that the weather is warming up the ginger is starting to grow.

Photo below: Banana

Photo below: Sunflower

This years garden got off to a slow start with the cooler than normal Spring. But overall I think it's doing well.


  1. I love your garden and the new fence! That color makes all your plants look great! I bought a book this spring at my local Dollar General entitled "Square Foot Gardening" and it is very interesting. Your garden looks like it is based on this concept. I helped my mom and dad with their garden while growing up, but it was a big row-garden, as I call it. I have enjoyed watching yours grow and hopefully will be able to do something similar next year. Enjoy your produce!!

  2. I really like the new fence, it adds to the beauty of your garden. Crookneck seems to be doing really well for you, and everything else looks great, too!

  3. Wow! Everything looks great! How in the world do you still have carrots and lettuce growing in this heat? My "heat tolerant" lettuces bolted the third day of heat, and they only had to endure a shady 80*...

  4. Lisa - Thanks. I'm starting to get used to the fence. Yes I am doing SFG to the best of my ability :-) If you look back at some of my older posts I talk a bit about it. Good luck with your garden.

    EG - Thank You. I only planted one crookneck and thought I may have made a mistake by doing that. I seem to be getting lots of female flowers and very few male flowers. With two plants I would have a higher percentage of male for better pollination.

    Momma - Thanks. What? you can't grow lettuce and carrots in the heat? ;-) I have been keeping everything well watered and putting shade cloth over them hoping to get through the heat.

  5. Did you make the Mule put a sealer on that new fence? He was planning on a graying weathered effect, but from the look of "your" section of the fence, you must have changed his mind!

    As long as you keep sealing it, it will look fresh and new almost forever.

  6. Hi Phil! Now don't you worry about the mule. He is happily lazing in the sun. What you see is a wet fence. I can't wait for that thing to weather a bit. Oh and by the way .... Mrs. Mule does most of the work when it comes to the garden. I only ask for help when the job is too heavy or comes to using power tools :-)