Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm Still Here

So sorry I have not been posting. Lots going on and have not had the time to blog. The garden is doing well despite the weather... cool and windy! I've been harvesting lettuce and a few carrots and strawberries.

The greenhouse was taken down two weeks ago so now I have room to move. I'll try to post some photos this weekend.

How is your garden growing?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tomatoes For Tough Conditions

Love Apple Farm sent out a newsletter listing out their
 Top 10 Coastal Tomatoes  
Love Apple Farm, 2317 Vine Hill Road, Santa Cruz, CA  95065

Our Picks for Tough Conditions

You may love living where you can feel the salty sea air in your face. You may enjoy living in the cool shady glens of the redwoods. But I can guarantee you, your tomatoes do not.

Tomatoes love sun, sun, and more sun. But you all knew that. What you may not know, are our recommended picks for tough growing conditions like excess fog, cold wind, or less than 4 hours of direct sunshine. Prime example: a rooftop garden in San Francisco. Is there any tomato that will grow there? Yep, we've got an app for that. A love apple that is.

You want to focus on small-fruiting tomatoes: cherry types and others just a bit bigger. Don't despair, you can have a joyous, riotous, full-flavored, every-color-of-the-rainbow, tomato garden if you choose carefully. By the by, these varieties will do well anywhere, so if you've got plenty of sunlight, try them yourself.

Top 10 Coastal Tomatoes

Black Prince
Jaune Flamme
Japanese Oxheart
Black Plum
Brandysweet Plum
OSU Purple
Gajo de Melon
White Cherry

Of course, you can pick up any of these, and more great coastal-type tomato varieties at our plant sale, going on through the end of June.

Love Apple Farm is selling tomato plants every day of the week at our new retail greenhouse located at Knox Garden Box 46 El Pueblo Road in Scotts Valley. Folks, this is the biggest tomato plant sale in all of California! We're open from 9 to 5 on the weekends and 10 to 6 on the weekdays. We replenish stock every week, so we'll always have close to 100 different varieties in stock. We'll have knowledgeable tomato staffers to answer questions, and lots of hand-outs and information on battling the Tomato Russet Mite, staking, fertilizing, pruning, harvesting, and more!

I'll try and get a garden post done this weekend.