Monday, February 15, 2010

Perfect Spacing and More

Saturday Feb 13th I planted baby spinach and onions in bed 4.

Photo below: Look Ribbit... I have nice straight rows. Yes I know 16 baby spinach in a square foot is pushing it a bit, but I'm using 2007 seeds and don't expect all of them to sprout.
Click on photo for a larger view.

I also planted two squares of carrots in bed 3.

Photo below: Bed 2

Photo below: Bed 3

Photo below: Bed 4

Photo below: February view from the roof.

Random photos...

Red potato sprouts...

Flowering vine...I can't remember the name.

Sugar snap pea flower.

Sugar snap pea.

Monday Feb 15th

I spent a few hours at the Haven Family House garden today. One of my scrapbooking buddies came out to help me. Thank you Anita! We pulled weeds around all the fruit trees. After the weeding my son showed up and helped me fill the compost bins.

Photo below: It was foggy this morning and there was lots of weeds to pull...

After... looks so much better now and the sun is out....

Some of the fruit trees are starting to bloom...

Click on photos for a larger view


  1. Fantastic!!! I just did some of mine, too. It's so wonderful, isn't it.

  2. Very nice ...

    Happy gardening,

  3. Those ribbit templates sure do make plantings look neat!

  4. Ribbit - Yes it is!

    Chris - Thank you :-)

    EG - you have no idea how helpful it is for someone like me who is straight line challenged :-)

  5. Looks so orderly :) I am so looking forward to a bed of baby spinach right now. Amazing how much I miss fresh veggies actually. I love seeing other gardens growing.

  6. Wow - that's a lot of weeds! Great job on the pull but now I see why you want the corn gluten so bad! lol...

  7. I love your beds and hoops! I generally sow spinach 4 inches apart and carrots 2 inches apart. I'm a sucker for ulta-neat looking rows myself and will have to make one of ribbit's seeding mats one of these days.

    I wasn't planning on purchasing any fruit trees to plant outside this year but looking at your photos, I think I just might!

  8. Everything is looking great! Is the purple flowering vine Wisteria? I'd never seen it until moving to CA. I drive by house after house with awnings created by wisteria... I love it!

  9. Thomas - Thanks. I love your setup as well. The fruit trees at Haven are really coming into bloom.

    Momma S - Thank You. No not Wisteria. I do love Wisteria. The next time I go to OHS I'll look up the name.