Saturday, July 31, 2010

End of July Garden Review

There is something about July where I just don't feel like posting. Same thing happened last year. I know it's not the heat because we are not having any. The temps have been in the 70's for the last two weeks.

The garden this year is not doing as well as I had hoped for. The cucumbers are only putting out one or two cucumbers at a time and the plants are really small. The mini bell peppers are loaded with fruit but are taking a long time to ripen (they're red and yellow). The full size bell peppers only have two or three per plant but are still pushing out blooms. The crookneck squash just can't seem to get the timing of male and female blooms right. I get all male or all female. I'm having to pick male blooms and put them in the refrigerator until I get female blooms and then hand pollinate (Thanks Granny).

As for the tomatoes, the brandywine has no flavor but I did hear they do better in areas with high humidity which we don't have. The Cherry and the Roma's on the other hand are doing well. Loads of fruit but are taking their sweet time ripening. Early potato yields were very low and the main season potato plants died off early. I haven't dug around to see if there are any potatoes in that bin. As for the mid season potatoes they seem to be doing better than the others. I'll let them go until Sept as I'm getting a second wave of vines and flowers on them. The sweet potatoes are looking good but what do I know, it's my first year growing them.

The acorn squash has one nine inch fruit on it and a few smaller ones. I don't think I will get more than three or four out if this one plant which is OK with me. Again my first year growing them. I think I will grow them again next year. Bush bean did OK but now that I have grown pole beans I don't think I will waste the space with bush beans. I'm harvesting one to two pounds of pole beans every two to three days with about 20 plants. I'm having to freeze them since there is just the two of us we can't eat through them fast enough. I'm giving away some to my sister and mother.

Garlic was a bust for me this year but my onions are bigger this year than last year. I still have not pulled them but will most likely do so tomorrow as they are not putting on any more size. There are onion fields not far from where I work. I can always tell when it's harvest time as the air is filled with the scent of onions. That time was about two or three weeks ago... I think :-)

Since the weather has been so cool I think I will try a late season sowing of lettuce. I will only have sun on my bed for another three months so I might as well give it a try. I have some carrots planted but think I will plant some more.

The Haven Garden is doing well and looking great. VISA had a team of volunteers build us four raised beds for the expanded garden I planned out earlier this year. As soon as VISA gives me permission to use the photos I took I will update the Haven Blog. If you have not yet signed up to be a follower be sure to stop by and do so. I have a few more plans I'd like to put in place but don't know if they will happen this year.

Below are some random photos I took on July 24th. Be sure to click on them for a larger view.


  1. Seems like we're all struggling this year, but the plants look very healty over all!

  2. I think your garden is looking beautiful, as usual. I'm disappointed in mine this year too, but that's in comparison to last year's garden. If I weren't making that comparison, I'd probably be happy with what I'm getting. I'd have to say my biggest failure this year were the beets. That and the tomatoes that just won't ripen. OK, the cucumbers, too ;-)

  3. Well, everything looks good to me. I'd have never known there were any issues just by looking at the pictures.

  4. Liisa wrote:

    "There is something about July where I just don't feel like posting. Same thing happened last year. I know it's not the heat because we are not having any. The temps have been in the 70's for the last two weeks."

    It's that time of the year. We've been couped up with cold wet weather for months upon months. You've been so dedicated to improving our health with this lovely garden, and (me being the beneficiary) I appreciate it more than you know.

    July and August... it's time to get out and play. I'm ready for another vacation! Where to next?!


  5. Awwww, that's just so sweet. Liisa is a lucky girl :-)

  6. Ribbit - It helps to know it not my lack of ability that is causing this issue.

    Granny - Thanks. I was doing the same thing and comparing this year to last. I'll be lucky if I reach my same harvest weight as last year :0(

    Cheryl - Thank you. Good to see you posting.

    Bill - Thank you honey. Hawaii? :0)

    Granny - Yes I am a lucky girl! :0)