Saturday, May 28, 2011

View From the Roof and Other Random Photos

Sorry I have not been a very good blogger these last few months but I just seem to be very busy these days. Last weekend I took some photos of the garden. The always loved roof shots are up first...

Click on photos for a larger view

The next two photos are ground shots.

I don't know for sure because we have never really experienced a "real" Spring here in the California  Bay Area but if I had to guess this is the closest we have come. It's the end of May and we are still getting a little rain, cool temperatures and a lot of wind. This is just not the norm in these parts. My cool weather crops are loving it but my Summer crops are not doing so well. Had I known the cool weather was going to last so long I would have held off planting Summer crops. My cucumbers are producing fruit but the plants are small and weak. Not sure if they are going to recover. I have been feeding them with seaweed extract and fish emulsion in hopes it will give them a bit of a boost. I also wrapped the bed in plastic today to protect the cucumbers from the wind and to give them a little more warmth.


 The tomatoes seem to be doing OK. The Fox Cherries have almost out grown their 5 foot trellis.

I'm getting fruit but they are not going to ripen until the weather warms up a bit more.

I had a nice harvest on May 22nd. 2 pounds of lettuce some carrots, spring onions, snow peas and dill.

Last Christmas sweet husband  bought me some new garden art...

As the sun was setting tonight we were blessed with a rainbow.


  1. I love your roof shots. They always put your garden into perspective for me. I noticed your local temperature from the weather widget in your sidebar read 48 degrees at 4:30 your time. That is chilly.

  2. Muse - Thank you. It has been really chilly. We have sun today but at 8:30am it's already windy. I already have one bed wrapped in plastic I may need to do the same thing for the bed with the peppers.

  3. What a lovely garden you have. Enjoy your harvest!

  4. I always love the views from above. Your garden is as pretty as always, even if the summer crops are a bit slow. I LOVE the garden art!

  5. Thanks Granny! I know isn't pretty :-)

  6. Your garden's looking great. Looking at it from your roof gives a sense of accomplishment. This has revived my ambition to have a roof garden, just like what my wife has always wanted.