Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I've decided to transplant my potted Raspberries into the garden. They have given me two years of delicious fruit but didn't do very well this past season. The spring harvest had plenty of fruit but the raspberries were small in size and the Fall harvest was little to none.  The poor harvest could have been the result of the weather but the fact that I'm not getting much in the way of new strong canes tells me it has out grown it's pot.

Bed 1 should be the perfect home. They will get lots of sun even in the Winter months and some shade in the late afternoon during the Summer months. The canes will have plenty of room to grow without taking over the yard.

Bed 1 before
I hope they do better in their new location.

Bed 1 after


  1. I bet your raspberries are going to love their new home. I was surprised at how quickly new canes grew and spread in only one year. Soon your bed will be filled with them.

  2. Muse - I hope so. They can spread as much as they need to. They should be easy to control in this bed.