Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bed 2 Slide Show

Bed 2 harvest so far this year...

Cucumbers 32 pounds
Watermelon 2 pounds
Corn complete bust...a big fat zero... Just not enough sun.

Currently planted in bed 2

Cucumbers: They are just about ready to pull out. I have a few cucumbers that are ripening and a few new flowers. I'll let them go until November since I don't have any plans to plant anything in those 5 squares.

Cauliflower: Six Squares, one each. Not sure I will have enough sun to get them to maturity.

Garlic: Two squares, a total of 24 garlic. I know I could have gotten 36 in there.

Onions: Two squares.

Carrots: Three squares.

I still have a few empty squares to fill. More onions maybe?


  1. One can never have too many onions. For large bulb onions to slice, space them about 3" apart. I'm doing all of mine that way, because we just don't eat the little skinny ones anymore.

  2. You are so right! I only have six onions in each of the two squares I have palnted so far. That should give them enough room.

  3. I hope the watermelon was tasty! I miss eating from your garden and I hope everything is well. :)


  4. Annie,

    We miss you eating from our garden too. You will be home soon. I have a Fall crop started so cross your fingers. Can't wait to see you!