Friday, October 16, 2009

Bed 3 Slide Show

Bed 3 2009 harvest so far...

Bell Peppers
5 pounds

Pumpkins 6 pounds

Canteloupe It was just a wee thing weighing in at 6.4 oz's but it sure was good.

Basil Lot and lots of basil. I weighed only 1 pound of basil and stopped weighing after that. I would just go out to the garden and picked what I needed.

Currently growing in bed 3

Basil: I will let the basil continue as long as it wants.

Carrots: 8 squares

Chard: 4 squares

Broccoli: 6 squares

Snap Peas: 4 squares


  1. Nice slideshow! It's great that your garden worked well for ya this year, and I bet next year will be even better!

  2. Thanks EG! I would like to think I did pretty well for my first year. I jumped in not knowing a thing about vegetable gardening. But with the help of you and others I was able to pull in 87 pounds of harvest so far. I hope to hit 100 when I harvest the spaghetti squash. cross your fingers.

  3. I love the slideshows! It's a great overview on how well your garden did for you.

  4. Thanks Muse! It was fun to go over all the photos to see how the garden has transformed over this past year.