Monday, March 8, 2010

Haven House Garden March Update Part 1

Saturday March 6th we had a great group of Stanford Students come out to the the garden to help pull weeds and do some general clean up. A big Thank you to Kiana for organizing her friends to spend the morning with us.

Click on photos for a larger view.

Photo below: Group shot.

Everyone busy working...

Photos below: Kiana and two friends weeding the picnic area.

Looking Good....

Photos below: A team of three went through the big pile of pavers to see if any of them were usable.

After all that work they found three of four usable pavers. The rest were broken. I must say the area looks much better. The photo below is the before...

Here is the after... Nice job!

Photos below: The garden shed needed to be reorganized.

So these ladies got in touch with their inner Martha Stewart!

Looks wonderful. Thank you!

Photos below: My son Ryan...

and his girlfriend Annie pulling weeds.

Photos below: One of the younger residents helping Annie pull weeds.

Thank you Stanford for all your help! We hope to see you again real soon!

Fruit trees at Haven....


  1. Gosh, your helpers sure did do alot of hard work! Bravo! Oh, I can't wait to see everything when finished - I bet it's gonna be awesome...

  2. Thanks EG. It's been slow going. You know me, once I get a project in my head I go full out until it's done. Well if nothing else, we get the hardscapes done this year along with some planting and be ready next season for a bigger planting season. This year will also give me the knowledge I need to work with a all volunteer garden staff and how to schedule around that.

  3. Liisa it looks fantastic! You've really out your heart into this and it shows.

  4. Hi Liisa - this is so amazing! Thanks for all you are doing to help the community of homeless families at Shelter Network. We are all so grateful for your kindness and energy. Amy + Everyone at Shelter Network

  5. WoW -it looks Amazing...
    Thank you Liisa for coordinating and thank you Kiana and your group from Stanford for all the "manpower"!
    Love being able to watch the transformation.