Monday, May 24, 2010


When I returned home from a girls weekend away the first thing I did was check on the garden. Sweet Husband took very good care of it while I was away.

Photo below: On Sunday I was able to harvest 1 small head green broccoli, a little bit of purple broccoli, 1 yellow squash, a hand full of strawberries and 1 zucchini. Totaling just over 11 oz's

Today was all about the greens. A basket full of spinach weighing in at 8.5 oz's and the rest of the arugula weighing in at 3.5 oz's

I planted some lettuce and carrot seeds when I got home from work today to take advantage of the rain we will have this week. Now if I can just keep the squirrels from digging up the seeds. I was thinking of hanging a bird feeder in the tree they climb down to get into my yard as a deterrent since nothing else seems to be working. Maybe I can fill them up with seeds so they won't need to look for food in my beds. At this point I'm welling to try just about anything.


  1. Stupid squirrels...I hate 'em. The best of luck to you on keeping them from digging your stuff up.

  2. Shotgun works wonders on squirrels. Actually, pellet guns do, too. Have any bored kids in the neighborhood?


  3. EG - Thanks!

    Ribbit - oh how I wish I could take a shotgun to them.. but my son would hate me for it. At 20 years old he tells me "Mom you can't kill them they are so cute." Cute my A$$ I say! But I don't want my son to know me as a squirrel killer. He will be taking care of me when I get old.