Saturday, May 1, 2010

Haven Update May 1 2010

I spent a few hours at Haven this morning with a young man who needed some community service hours for (high) school. We put down some decomposed granite between half of the raised beds. We also installed tomato cages and planted some summer squash and more pumpkins to replace a few that didn't make it from the last planting.

Below are some random photos I took today. Click on photos for a larger view.

Pumpkin Hill now has water.

Photo below: Tomatoes.


Photo below: Summer squash.

Photo below: Strawberries and it looks like someone planted some basil in there too.

Photo below: Bell peppers.

Photo below: The lettuce will need to be harvested soon.

Photo below: Plums.

Photo below: Fruit trees.

Photo below: I think this is an apple tree.

Photo below: The picnic area is looking much better.

As for my garden... I'm brewing a batch of compost tea as I type this. It will be ready tomorrow. The patio furniture is out and I will be enjoying a glass of wine sitting out in my garden tomorrow afternoon. I have some more seeds to plant and I'll take photos of each beds.


  1. Those are some nice tomato cages. Where did you get them? Also, yes - that is an apple tree. Good job!

  2. EG - Haven has had the cages for a few years. Not sure where they came from. They fold up flat for storage. Thanks for the ID on the apple tree. I was hoping I was right. :-)

  3. The garden is looking good. Wish I could be there to help, or had the means to contribute. It's a great cause.