Monday, November 22, 2010

Greenhouse and Update on Water Project

The weather sure has gotten cold for our area of California. Temperatures dipping down to 30's and 40's this week for our lows and only a high of 60 later this week. We are also getting much needed rain.

Because of the low temperatures I have pulled out the popup greenhouse a little earlier then the last two years, not for seed starting but to protect the banana and avocado trees as well as the ginger. The past two years the banana has come inside for the winter but it is getting too big for my little living room and it had a bad case of mites last year.

While I was putting up the green house I was wondering what I was going to do with the trees once I needed the room to start my seeds. Well something would come to me when the time was right.

Plenty of room for the trees and I still have room for the rosemary and mint .
On Sunday I had to make a run to OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware). I always take a walk through the garden area even if I don't need anything just to see what's new. Much to my surprise I saw a popup green house just like the one I have now for $99.95. This is the first time I have ever seen them in a store let alone for that price. I bought mine on line three years ago and paid more than $100.00. So I did some checking on line this morning to see what they are going for and they are ranging from $129.00 on sale to $179.99. Can you say early Christmas present. Sweet Husband is off the hook for going Christmas present shopping for me this year. This is all I need and want. Oh there is one more thing I need but it's only a $10.00 item and it's for the kitchen. He gets off easy this year in the gift giving dept :-)

If you are looking for a good small (6'x6') greenhouse I can recommend this one. Easy to setup and easy to store away.

Water Project Update

With my schedule and the weather I have not been able to complete my project of adding water lines to bed 2. But I am far enough along to know that it's going to work out just as I had hoped. Here are a few photos.

Water line installed.

Ends capped for easy flushing.

I can add three different means of watering. Overhead for lettuce and carrot seeds, drip and soaker lines. 

I tested the overhead sprinklers and was pleased with the results. I can't wait to finish all the beds. Watering next season will be much easier and free up some of my time.


  1. Oh my, I have the same pop-up greenhouse. Mine is 8 x 8 though. My husband bought it for me for Christmas 2 years ago. We put it up in late winter over the one 4 x 4 bed. I set up shelves in it to harden off my veggies and I can plant 4 tomato plants in the bed about 6 weeks early.

  2. Robin - I would love to have the 8'x8' but i just don't have the room as you can tell from the photo. I understand you can zip two of them together for a 8'x16'.

    What kind of shelves do you use? I'm looking for something new. The ones I have been using are not going to last me much longer.

  3. I love the little popup greenhouse. Definitely a good deal for the money spent.

  4. EG - I know! I was so happy to find it at that price. I'm going to keep an eye on how they are selling. Never know they might go on sale if they don't sell them all. I would love to have one more as a backup just in case one of mine gives way to age.

  5. Liisa, I purchased some inexpensive plastic snap together shelves at the Big Orange home improvement store. They were around $20. They work really well and I can take them apart and store them in the basement. They can also be hosed off and cleaned easily.

  6. Excellent present! Glad to hear your water system turned out well. It looks fantastic!

  7. Ribbit - Thanks! It was very easy to install and the best part I was able to do it myself. I love being able to complete a project and stand back and say "look what I did" ;-) Oh, it's the little things...

  8. the pop-up greenhouse seems like a great find, and i'm extremely impressed with your water line!

  9. Kelli - Thank you! :-) Once my friend Bill gave me the idea the rest just fell into place.