Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Bed

Finally found some time to work on bed 2 today. I took apart the old bed on Oct 31st and today sweet husband made me a new bed to replace the old one.

Before bed size 9x3

 All the wood was free and recycled. The redwood was left over from the new fence that was built over the summer. There is not enough to build the bed entirely out of redwood so the ends of the bed will be built using some of the wood from the old bed.

It didn't take much time to build the bed and it turned out so good.

Adding hardware cloth to the bottom of the bed was the most time consuming part of the project. But it was worth every minute to keep the moles out of the bed this spring.

The bed is now ready for me to install the water lines and soil. Would love to get that completed tomorrow but looks like it's going to rain all day.

After bed size 8x3


  1. Excellent! It's always good to get more bed space. I'm glad you still get to work on your garden with the other project taking up so much of your time.

  2. Ribbit - I'm very happy with the bed. It is deeper but a foot shorter which is OK with me. I needed the room to be able to add a trellis.
    I can't wait to start working on the water lines!

    I haven't been out to the Haven Garden in two weeks! I need to get out there and see how things are growing. I might be able to stop by there today and take a look around. It's raining here so no working in the garden today.

  3. The higher you make your raised beds, the less you have to bend over to work in them. I'd like to get mine to about waist high!