Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sunday in the Garden Part 2 (Picture Post)

Where has the time gone? I thought I better get Part 2 posted before another weekend passed. This post is just some photos I took last Sunday. As always click on the photos for a larger view.

These are the carrots I started in the greenhouse and transplanted into bed 2
 The carrot stocks look really healthy.
It won't be too much longer and I will be harvesting carrots.
Looking good!
I'm growing German Chamomile and Stevia for the first time this year. I picked a leaf off the Stevia to try and wow is it sweet. It tastes just like sugar. I'm going to dry a few leaves and grind them into powder and see how it tastes in my oatmeal.
The raspberries are starting to flower. I think my yield this year will be lower. I didn't have very many new canes come up. I think I should transplant them into a wider container to give them more room to spread out.
Strawberries are coming in.
I planted half a square in bed 4 with pole beans about 3 or 4 weeks ago and they are just coming up. This tells me it's a good time to plant the rest of the row. 
Oregano seedlings.
Nectarine blooms. I didn't get around to spraying my tree. Last year it had a mild case of leaf curl. Chances are it will get it again.
Lettuce in bed 4. I will be able to start harvesting this weekend.
Looks like we might have a new neighbor. I don't know what kind of bird this is but they are so very cute. The pair of them were building a nest in my morning glory. I'm sure they thought this would be the perfect place until the rain stopped and I started gardening. They were a little upset with me every time I walked past the area. Not sure if they are going to stick around. I haven't see them in two days.
This Saturday I will be in the Haven garden with 6 or more teens that need to get their community service hours in before school lets out for the summer. It's a good thing the temperature will come down a bit for the weekend. It gets darned hot in that garden. It was 82 today and tomorrow should reach 80. Come Saturday it will drop to 65 for the weekend perfect for gardening at Haven.


  1. *Whimper* It looks so pretty.

    Those carrots are unbelievable. I've never thought of transplanting them!

  2. Your garden looks great and boy those carrots!! I have to admit that I'm a bit jealous....Old Man Winter just doesn't seem to want to leave us :(

  3. Everything looks great! I love all the lettuces. :)

  4. Great garden! I'm trying German chamomile for the first time. It doesn't at all look like what I thought it would.
    Interested in the stevia - let me know how it was on your oatmeal.

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Granny - You know me I don't follow the gardening rules... so when I was told "you can't start carrot seeds indoors".. well.. you know what I did and as you can see it worked well for me. I transplanted them as soon as they came up and no later than the first set of true leaves started to show. I kept them well watered and did not lose one start.

    Robin - Every time I see your posts about the bad weather my heart goes out to you. The longer Winter holds on the less Spring you will have.. making you to have to rethink the planting.

    Katrina - I will be harvesting some of the lettuce this weekend. I hope the last three days of +80 degree weather has not turned them bitter.

    Potted Farm - I'll be sure to post about the Stevia. I'm looking forward to trying it. With that said Granny what oven temperature do you set your oven to when drying your herbs?

  6. I don't use the oven, and I'm not a big herb grower/dryer. I think Robin is the one to ask. I use the microwave to dry parsley, and I hang my basil and sage out on the patio, in the shade. Everything else I buy at the grocery store, in bottles ;-)

    I'm curious about the stevia, too. I didn't care for Truvia when I bought some, so I gave it to my son.

  7. Thanks Granny. The trick with Truvia and stevia is not to use too much. Stevia is 300 times sweeter than sugar. If you use too much it will taste bitter. When I ate the fresh stevia leaf it was not bitter at all and did not leave an after taste.

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