Saturday, March 19, 2011

What's Next?

Yesterday March 18th around 11:00am the San Mateo County coastline was on a tornado watch. Really? On the California Coast?
This morning around 2:30am thunder woke me up.
3:00am the sound of rain turned into the sound of someone dropping BB's on the roof. I get up to go see what's going on and this is what I found when I opened the front door.....

Click on photo for a larger view

That's right hail. Not just a little hail but a lot of hail. I can honestly say in the almost 50 years that I have lived in the Bay Area I have never seen this much hail come down and stick.

The four photos below were all taken between 3:15 and 3:30am. Click on the photos for a larger view.

Bed 2
Beds 3 and 4
At first light I went out to see how the garden looked not thinking we would still have hail on the ground but we did. These next few photos were taken just after 7:00am

View from the roof

The only real damage that I found was my banana tree has been shredded.
Banana tree
 So what's next? The weather prediction for the rest of the weekend. Afternoon thunder showers which is very rare for us in this area. Late tonight rain with a high wind watch through tomorrow afternoon. Winter is just not going to let go.


  1. That's awesome, well maybe not to you, but I just love everything about what Mother Nature dishes out. Weird? Cold weather, though, I do not like unless it snows!! We live with tornado watches and warnings here in MS, we just don't have to live with the threat of earthquakes like you. I would love to go to OK one day and ride with some storm chasers!! I guess that's not normal either, is it? So glad your garden came through the hail storm with flying colors. Hope you enjoy the weekend w/o any more damage.

  2. Lisa we are kindred spirits... It was awesome! I also love all things Mother Nature have to offer. I would be that person in a tornado that wants to be outside in the middle of it all watching. I love earthquakes as long as no one gets hurt and there is no damage. There has been lots of talk about the next "big one" hitting in the next six days. We took this as a reminder to stock up cause you really never know when it's going to hit.

  3. That hail storm was fun to watch.. even at 3 o'clock in the morning! haha! The hail pounded the flat roof so hard it really did sound like we were getting bombarded by millions of large BB's. It was so loud I swear it woke up the whole city! LOL!
    So far, in the last two days, this area has had two small tornado touch downs, road closures from a couple of landslides and fallen trees, and a few good whacks of thunder and lightning. Next up.. we're supposed to have strong stormy wind up into the 50mph range. Lastly, there has been a bold prediction of an earthquake sometime this week. Winter, showing it's unfriendly face as it bows out to the Spring.

    Let the rain fill the reservoirs up to maximum, then let it be dry, sunny and warm!

  4. Scary, scary! It's all awe and wonder what she brings, isn't it.

  5. Ribbit - Yes it is! We are well stocked with food water and gas for the cars. No plans to go anywhere this weekend. I've got dinner started and a glass of red wine. Bring it on Mother Nature!

  6. Wow! That is crazy weather. Will your banana tree be ok? I hope the rest of the weekend is uneventful.

  7. Muse - Yes the banana will be fine. New leaves grow out all the time with the older ones dying out. Just looked at the satellite and it shows a thunder storm coming our way... we will see if it makes it over the foot hills. We are in for some steady 30 mph winds starting about 9:00pm going through to Sunday 8:00am. After that we will just have rain on and off the rest of the week. I have moved all my potted fruit trees into protected areas of the yard and brought the avocado into the house as it is showing signs of cold damage from the hail this morning. Everything in the (cold frame)greenhouse is still doing well.

  8. That's so wild! I agree it's rather unusual weather for you guys - glad it didn't do any more damage then just ripping up your poor banana tree.