Friday, May 10, 2013

New Garden Project

My Mother has the perfect backyard for a vegetable garden but has never had any interest in gardening. For the last two years I have been telling her that I was going to turn her yard into a urban farm. She would just laugh at me and say " NO, I like my yard just the way it is."  

Well I kept at it and one day she said "Fine you can have the space in the back of the yard, but don't think I'm going to be taking care of it." 

Below is a pictorial of the project.
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Last Aug (2012)  I went to Mom's and took a few photos and started my planning.

Photo taken from my childhood bedroom window.
Full sun all day just about all year round. A gardeners dream.

Marking off the area so Mom can see where I think the beds will go.
I pulled this bed out of my yard....
And bought a few new beds.

The new beds are really cool and look nice in the garden. I bought them at Eartheasy. I added hardware cloth to the bottom of all the beds to keep the moles out.

Herbs in a large planter that has been empty for years. 

The bean bed

Mom wants corn... so I gave her corn.

What the garden looks like as of now
Photo taken May 5, 2013 

An old BBQ that was built in the 1930's and no longer functional so Mom and I turned it into an herb garden.

Added three planters into the BBQ pit....

and a planter in the stack for some hanging plants. This should look really cute once everything grows in.

Lettuce bed
Lettuce bed with shade cover.
Well I'm happy to say Mom is taking an interest in gardening now. Checking on everything and watering for me until I get the drip lines in.


  1. Looks wonderful and you did a great job in making it so pretty.

    1. Thank you Jenny. I wanted to make sure her yard still had that "clean" look that she likes. The beds are in the back of the yard so you really can't see them from the kitchen window. The only bed close to the house is the lettuce bed and it is so darn cute.

  2. That is totally AMAZING. I hope your Mom is giving you big hugs for all your hard work. I expect "the bug" will bite your Mom hard with all this. It's beautiful, Lissa!

  3. Hi Tami, Thank you. She does like the way it looks and she is staring to like the idea of walking out to the garden to pick lettuce, dill and cilantro. Soon she will be picking beans, cucumber, tomatoes and so much more.

  4. I've been lurking around your posts ever since the gardening bug bit me a couple of years ago. Was wondering why you had stopped posting since Aug'12. GREAT to see your post today! You have done a WONDERFUL job with your mom's garden!

    1. Thank you and thanks for hanging in there until I returned :-) I will try and post a bit more. Life has been really busy.

  5. I love it! You did a great job!

    1. Thank you Julie and thanks for stopping by.

  6. You did a great job making your Mom's back yard into a garden! It is so nice and neat. How could she not help but love it! Nancy

    1. Thank you Nancy. So far she seems to be enjoying it.