Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hoop Covers for Daisy and Other Stuff

Daisy asked "What type of wire is that under the fabric? The wire looks white and they stand up perfectly straight. I need to do something like that. Where did you get it or what did you make it out of?"

Daisy you are going to laugh when you see this post.... I used Multi Purpose Wire 12 Gauge we had laying around. If I had to buy something new I would have gotten a heavier gauge wire that does not come rolled up like what you see in the photo below.

For this 3x9 bed I cut 5 foot lengths of wire and stuck the ends in the dirt about 8 to 10 inches down. This gave me a hoop that is a just about 17 inches high in the center. I wouldn't say they are perfectly straight. :0)

I covered them with light weight row cover material and used clothes pins to hold it in place. Wood, bricks or "U" shaped wire to push through the cloth into the soil to hold the ends down.

That's it... very easy and it held up well.

Since the corn and cucumbers where starting to outgrow the little hoops I made them new homes. For the corn I put up the PVC hoops. For this I used 10 foot lengths of 1/2 inch white PVC held in place with "U" shaped brackets.

It's not pretty but functional

Daisy, I hope the info above gave you some ideas for your own garden.

Now for some random photos I took in the greenhouse about 6:30 tonight.

Found this guy hanging out by the last two tomatoes in the greenhouse. I didn't let him stay... bye-bye moth.

The last of the tomatoes and cucumbers will need to be planted soon. The toms might go into my sister's garden... if she promises to water them. Let's just say I'm the gardener in the family.

They both have buds on them.

Pole and bush beans. I'll be starting some more seeds in a few days. The pole beans will go into the little wrought iron bed.

The watermelons are starting to get some new growth on them. They really do like warm weather.

I started a 6 pack of crackerjack marigold seeds but only three have come up. I'll give them a few more days and if the others don't pop up I'll plant a few more seeds. I really don't know where I will put these... I've never seen crackerjack marigold's so I will need to find a place for them. I understand they can get to 3 feet tall. The seeds were given to me by the instructor at the compost workshop I went to in March.

I will not be doing any gardening this weekend. I'll be hanging out with three of my girl friends scrapbooking. I'm going to make a scrapbook on my 2009 garden. My sweet husband will keep an eye on the garden for me. He'll be getting detailed instructions on how to take care of the garden while I'm away.

This weekend I will be picking out photos, resizing them and getting them ordered. I’m going to scan the seed packets and do some journaling. This will give me everything I need for a scrapbook retreat I will attend in May with about 30 women. Once the book is started I will just need to maintain it. I'll write a post on it once get the book started.


  1. I googled your marigolds... here's a lovely picture - they sure do get big!
    ...and looking forward to seeing your gardening scrap book. Hope there's a page in there about Phenology. ;^)

  2. engineeredgardenApril 2, 2009 at 7:06 AM

    Looks great! that moth is wanting to lay some eggs on the undersides of your tomato leaves. Most likely, the eggs will be black in color. BTW, i'm gonna post the pictures of the bugs tomorrow on my blog for ya....


  3. Use what you go to get what you want. That's my kinda of gardening.

  4. Jenn,

    Thanks again for doing the leg work for me. The marigolds are beautiful! Lets see what they look like in my yard this year :-)

    And yes you will see the Phenology in my scrapbook. ;0)


  5. EG,

    I gave the tomatoes a good lookn' over and did not see anything left behind from that moth. I'll keep an eye out. Thanks for posting photos when ever you get a chance. :-)


  6. Cheryl,

    It works for me! ;-)


  7. Liisa,
    What a great idea on using the 12 gauge wire. They hold up beautifully and you can easily move them around to where you need them. Thank you for sharing answering my question with pictures and all.:)