Monday, April 6, 2009

Scrapbook, Sun Shades, Garden Tour and Compost

I spent the weekend (Friday - Sunday) at a good friends house. We are going on a three day scrapbooking retreat at the end of May and wanted to use this weekend to get photos prepared and go over scrapping supplies in case we needed to order anything before the big weekend. I spent the weekend scanning seed packets and trying to figure out what theme I was going to use for my garden book. I wasn't sure if I wanted to scrap digital or traditional?

Photo below: Here we are all setup in the dinning room. All my stuff is on the end of the table. My friend is doing a traditional book and has all of her stuff setup on the right. We have one more person joining us.

Photo below: Traditional scrapbooking

Photo below: Digital scrapbooking

Photo below: Scanned seed packets

Photo below: It takes less space to digital scrap :0)

So I've decided to do digital scrapping with a little traditional mixed in. For more information on digital and traditional scrapbooking follow this link to Creative Memories

I returned home on Sunday to find my sweet husband did a find job taking care of the garden for me. I spent Sunday afternoon putting up one set of sun shades to see how they will look.

Photo below: Hanging the shades.

Photo below: Well I'm happy with the way they look. I'll get the rest of the shades up after I put the clips on them later this week.

Sunday afternoon garden tour....
Photo below: Garden view from the roof.

Photo below: The tomatoes are cooperating with growing them on an arch. Two of them are just about to the second bar. They are 3ft tall already!

Photo below: Sugar snap pea bloom.

and more on the way....

Photo below: Strawberry bed.

Photo below: Spaghetti squash and round zucchini.

Photo below: Round zucchini

Photo below: Spaghetti squash

Photos below: The spaghetti squash thought the nasturtiums needed some support.

Photo below: Spaghetti squash

Photo below: Spaghetti squash.

Photo below: Found this guy crawling on the row cover by the cucumbers.

Photo below: I have lots of little raspberries coming in.

Photo below: Potato bed 2.

Photo below: I brought the pole beans out of the greenhouse to check out their new home.

Photo below: They seem to like it. They will be moving into their new home in a week or two.

Photo below: Pepper bloom

Photo below: The cucumbers are having no problem adjusting to their new home.

Photo below: Sweet corn.

Photo below: A new banana leaf is unfurling.

Photo below: Cigar plant.

Photo below: Parrott's beak is getting ready to bloom.


Today was compost day. My mom and sister have been giving me their kitchen scraps. I have let them sit around for the past week and really needed to get them into the composter. Before turning and adding the scraps I wanted to see if I had any ready to use compost.

Photo below: Looks like I might...

Photo below: With every fork full I found anywhere from six to a dozen worms.

Photo below: I was able to fill two ten gallon containers with ready to use compost! This makes me very happy :0)

After spending two hours playing in the compost, I planted some corn and bush bean seeds in the greenhouse. This should be the last of the seed starting for the summer crop. The greenhouse will come down in the next week or two and the patio furniture will come out! We sure could have used it yesterday and today... we have been in the high 70's the last few days... but rain will be here tomorrow, and on and off the rest of week.


  1. Beautiful! Gorgeous! Spectacular! I'm so jealous! OK,'re really a 60 year old woman who has been SFGing for 40 years, aren't you? Fess up, girl. You're putting the rest of us to shame ;-)


  2. Granny,

    Thank you!....I'm a 47 year old woman with beginners luck! :0)

    And the fact that I'm learning so much from you and others over at SFG and from some of the great blogs I follow.


  3. Wow Liisa! Looks great! Love the shot from the roof top. Your compost is looking quite lovely and lush too. I'm sure the plants will love it!

  4. Hi Jenn,

    I'm very happy with my compost and all the worms I'm finding in there :-)

    I will take more roof shots through out the season.