Sunday, April 26, 2009

Watering Day

Now that most of the hard work is done I don't have a lot to do. I did get the compost turned on Saturday and I spent most of this morning watering and fertilizing everything.

After the watering I walked around the yard and took lots of photos. Ready for a tour?

Photo Below: The nectarine tree is doing very well this year. Last year I only had four . I'm way ahead of that this year.

Photo Below: Nectarine

Photo Below: Todays harvest.

Photo Below: Found this guy this morning while I was watering the red leaf lettuce.

Photo Below: The cherry tomatoes are getting so tall.

Photo Below: Cherry tomato blooms

Photo Below: Bush tomatoes.

Photo Below: I had two leftover bush tomato plants that I didn't have any room for so I planted it in my sisters yard this moring. One of the plants has a little tomato on it.

Photo Below: Bed 2.

Photo Below: Bed 2 english cucumbers.

Photo Below: Bed 2 baby cucumber.

Photo Below: Bed 2 watermelon.

Photo Below: Bed 2 corn.

Photo Below: Strawberry bed.

Photo Below: Potato bed 1

Photo Below: Potato bed 2

Photo Below: Sugar snap peas

Photo Below: Bed 3 spinach

Photo Below: Bed 3 bell peppers

Photo Below: Bed 3 mini cantelope.

Photo Below: Bed 3 pumpkin.

Photo Below: Bed 4 spinach.

Photo Below: Bed 4 mini spaghetti squash.

Photo Below: I did some hand pollenating since I don't have very many bees in the garden yet.

Photo Below: Bed 4 heirloom cutting lettuce.

Photo Below: Raspberries

Photos Below: Chives

Photo Below: Ladybug with no spots.

Photo Below: Bumble bee on raspberries.

Photo Below: Lemon blossoms.

The next few photos are of random flowers in the garden.

Photo Below: View from the livingroom.


  1. It's a good thing you found that worm, 'cause I bet it was fixin' to do some damage to your lettuce. Everything is doing very well!

  2. WOW. That's all I have to say except...Liisa, you're the only person I know who can make a potato bed look beautiful!


  3. Georgous as usual. Is your nectarine tree in the ground or in a container? I think my peach tree died over the winter in the container. No leaves are on it yet.

  4. EC,
    Yeah I'm glad I found him too. It was very cool Sunday morning and he wasn't moving much just sitttin' there waiting for me.

    The photos make them look better than they really are. I have some broken stocks and something is eating the leaves... but not enough to worry about.

    Thank you! The nectarine is in a container. This is the first year I will have more than two or three pieces of fruit. I put it under the eve when we have frost and rain... I don't want it to get over watered. This is also the first year I gave it some food before the buds started to swell. Now I just need to learn how to prune it.


  5. The lettuce is lovely and so are the chives. Did you find out what kind of caterpillar you've got? I mean, ya know, besides the *hungry* kind? ;^)

  6. Hi Jenn,

    Thanks! No I haven't looked them up yet and I say "them" cause I found more in the same container. They were smaller (just little babies) and all green. I have seen three different butterflies hanging out in the garden the past two to three weekends so chances are they laid eggs when I wasn't watching and not to mention all the days I'm at work and can't shoo them away.


  7. Heehee - you should tell your boss you need to go home every day for lunch so you can guard your garden!

  8. Jenn,

    Ha... if I didn't work 35 to 40 mins from home I would come home everyday for lunch! :-)

    When I do work from home it's really hard not to walk out into the garden.... I don't work from home every often just for that reason :-)


  9. It is quite amazing reading your blog (I got here from Annie's Kitchen Garden) and seeing the totally different stage of all your plants, so advanced compared to most of what I have at spring-time here in south west England. I do identify with the reason for you starting your blog, so similar to why I started mine (in addition I wanted to do something useful on wet days!)

  10. Heskie,

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm so happy you are enjoying my blog. It's been a lot of fun watching my garden grow and sharing it with like minded people.


  11. I love the pics (even the veggie porn picture ;)
    You do have a knack for gardening. Can't wait until I can come over with my basket and pick what I want :) Loved the fresh cilantro in my tomato salsa!! Thanks!

  12. I have to go blog on my blog :)

  13. Hey Sis

    Ha! Veggie porn! :-)

    Looking forward to reading your travel blog.