Friday, February 18, 2011

A Garden Insectary

A new friend of mine Debbie Ballentine owner of Native Heart Landscapes sent me a link for Natural  Pest Control. I will be telling you more about Debbie in an up coming blog post for the Haven Garden. But until then I hope you find this link useful.

In My Garden 
Last weekend I took down one of the greenhouses to make room for my potted fruit trees. Removing the greenhouse also allows the small strawberry bed access to more sun.

Banana, Blueberries, Avocado and Nectarine

The Day Avocado put on a lot of new growth over the Winter. Two more years and I should have my first avocado.

The planting grids have been installed in beds 3 and 4.

I planted 4 squares of carrots in bed 3 and in bed 4 I planted  4 squares of lettuce, 3 broccoli and 2 cauliflower.

Bed 2 is looking good.

Spring Onions
Pak Choy
In the Greenhouse the seedlings are doing very well. I will need to transplant the tomatoes into bigger pots soon.
Peppers and tomatoes

Cucumbers and tomatoes
That's it for now. If we get a break in the rain tomorrow you can find me in the garden.


  1. Everything is looking good! We won't be putting up the greenhouse until March....that is if the weather permits.

    Have a nice weekend

  2. Oh, are giving me an itch that can't be scratched for another month or two! As usual, everything looks gorgeous.

  3. Robin and Granny - You know it's funny that I can get started before you but you both seem to be able to harvest must faster once you get started than I do. I'm hoping this year will be different with the added water lines and the amendments to the soil in the beds. The only thing I don't have control over is the amount of sun. Can't wait to see your gardens grow.

  4. i dream of growing avocados and can't wait to see my own sprouts. i'm sowing spinach seeds ASAP!=)

    pak choy is very pretty - never heard of it!

  5. Kelli - You should try and grow the pak choy. It is a very easy cool weather crop with a nice mild flavor...though I have not eaten it raw.

  6. Love your fruit trees! I have an avocado I started from scratch. Hope it looks as good as yours in a few years.
    I just ordered a banana plant. What size pot do you have yours in? It looks pretty happy.

  7. Potted Farm - I read that avocados started from seed rarely produce fruit. In order to have an avocado tree that produces fruit, you have to graft it to a fruit bearing tree. Once grafted a plant grown from seed can take anywhere from 5 to 13 years to flower and bear fruit. I bought my tree from Logees and it was grafted to a tree that would bear fruit in 2 to 3 years.

    As for the Banana it is in a 20 inch pot. I will be replanting the smaller pups into their own pots. I will leave the mother and the older pup in the same pot and freshen up the soil. I was hoping to get fruit last season but I think it was too cool.

    Here are some links to might find useful