Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lots of Seed Starting

I've started most of my seeds this past weekend for the Spring and Summer garden. Mostly lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and a second planting of carrots. I'm having much better luck starting my carrot seeds in starter cells than sowing seeds directly in the beds, although I will do some direct sowing later in the season. In a few weeks I will be starting Summer squash for my garden and squash and melons for the Haven garden. It's a good thing I have two greenhouses this year. One for starting seeds and one for hardening off.

Tomato Seedling
Tomatoes for both my garden and the Haven garden

I also spent some time installing the PVC hoops and bird netting on bed 2. Go ahead squirrels just try and get in there now!
Bed 2
Do you know what these are going to be used for?

Nope not trellises. 

Square foot grids. Sweet Husband made me a set for beds 2, 3 and 4.

This will be much better than the string I used last year. These grids can be removed which makes it easier to clean and add compost to the beds in the Fall. I can also remove them once the bed is planted... but don't tell Mel!

Tonight I pulled my sweet potatoes out of the pantry to use them for growing slips. They've got a good head start without my help.

Some of these slips will be pulled off the potato and planted in pots this weekend

Very alien like

This is the same potato I used for slips last year. Once I pulled off the slips I just left it in the glass of water. I cut back the old stems and now there are new ones forming.
That's it for my garden. There is lots going on in the Haven garden in the coming days. I'll be updating the Haven blog tomorrow. Be sure to stop by.


  1. Cool, you've got a good start on things!

  2. The tomato seedlings look wonderful and I love the sfg grids that your husband made for you.

  3. I have a request! :D could you take photos of the process of the potato slips? I am trying to understand the whole concept.. but some ppl say to actually cut the eyes of the potato, let dry and plant.. others say to just pinch off the growths and plant in dirt.. I'm so confused! :)


  4. Hi Wendy,

    I pinch and plant in soil. I'll have to try the cut and dry technique. Check out my blog post dated Sunday April 4 2010 "Sweet Potato Slips"

    I will also take photos when I plant this years slips.