Monday, February 7, 2011

It's February Right?

To all my Gardening Friends up North, please forgive me....

What a beautiful weekend with temperatures reaching into the 70's it is hard to believe it's still February. I spent Saturday morning in the Haven garden and the rest of the day in mine.

The main project for this weekend was moving the arch away from bed 3 to give me a little more space to get to the back of the bed. This meant removing the strawberry bed linked to bed 5. The berries are not doing very well in this area so they and the bed were removed so the arch could be moved over giving me more room. The photos below are the progression of the project. Click on the photos for a larger view.

Area to be reworked.
The wall comes down.
Repositioned  the end wall of bed 5.
Moved the arch to give me more room at the end of bed 3.
Added some wood chips.
I think I will grow some cucumbers or vining squash in the new area.
Beds 2 and 5
The carrots that I started in cell packs and transplanted into bed 2 are doing so well. So well in fact I started a second sowing for bed 3. This might be my best carrot year to date.

Carrots in bed 2
The pak choy is staring to take shape. This is the first time I have tried to grow pak choy and am pleased at how easy they are to grow.
Pak Choy

Sunday was all about seedlings. I potted up peppers and cucumbers. Fed them as well as the tomatoes with a weak solution of fish emulsion.


Tomatoes and Cucumbers
After tending to the seedings I planted the onion sets in bed 4 but first I added soaker hoses to the row.

Random photos from the weekend

Sleeping Angel
Blueberry Blooms
Sunset 02/05/2011


  1. Very've got alot going on, already and have the garden looking all neat and tidy. Good for you!

  2. Wow, you had a good and productive gardening weekend! Your seedlings are really looking great!! This is a busy time for you right now.

  3. Thanks EG. It feels good to get thing cleaned up and ready to go.

  4. Robin - Thank You. I am really busy with my garden and the Haven garden but it's been lots of fun!

  5. loving all that sproutage and those pretty photos! that's the first time i've seen a blueberry blossom!=)

  6. Thank you Kelli! Me too on the blossom.

  7. Wow, your garden looks so neat and tidy. Ours won't look this way for a least a few more months. Nice to see that things are coming along!

  8. Thomas - Thank you. I do have one small advantage... no snow. The weather has been good but we could use some more rain.

  9. You've made such great use of a fairly small space! Looking forward to seeing your harvest this year.

  10. Potted Farm - Thank you. It is small but I think what you are doing with your small space is awesome.