Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dammit! Where's My Shot Gun!

Like everyday when I get home from work I wander out to the garden to check on my babies. I made my way to the Summer squash bed to check and see if the first yellow crookneck of the season was ready to pick today. This is how it looked on Tuesday...

 And this is what I found today....

Click on photo for a larger view
Now, I know in about 3 weeks time I will be begging the squirrels to eat the squash because I planted way more than two people can eat. But dammit, don't take the first one of the season!

Oh and they also like male squash blooms....


  1. Call Thomas, he'll take care of that darned squirrel for ya!

    Oh boy, that would make me hopping mad, too. I'm glad the squirrels don't bother my garden, they are too busy gathering walnuts from the neighbor's trees.

  2. Oh Granny I just don't know what to do. I don't want to cover the plants with anything because I'm not getting good pollination as it is. I wish my neighbor had a walnut tree :-(

  3. You could use that plastic fencing like I have over my lettuce bed and on Cookie's enclosure to enclose the plant. I love that stuff, it's so easy to work with, and reusable! I had to use it to enclose my little AZ gardens, and it worked like a charm to keep the wild bunnies out. I just pounded stakes into four corners and drove screws in at the top, center and bottoms. I hooked the fencing over the screws, so it was easily removed when I needed to get into the garden. I put a piece of the fencing over the top and also hooked that over the top screws. This photo kind of shows you what I did:

    They're so much neater than chicken wire!

  4. Squirrels can be such a pain...I just hate them! Last year I trapped 17 and had them relocated (I think that's what the guy did with them). This year things have calmed down since the big holly trees with their nests were removed about a month ago....thank heavens!

    If you can't trap them and have them moved many many miles away, do what Granny suggested. That Granny knows her stuff!!

  5. Totally uncool. Get a wind chime. Maybe the unexpected noise every once in a while will scare them. Ribbit

  6. Granny - Oh I have some of that plastic fencing. I'll give that a try! Thank you!

    Robin - We have so many in the area that I don't think trapping would help much... new ones would just move right in. But I still may give it a try.

    Ribbit - yea I have wind chimes all over the yard. Most the time the Squirrels will just sit on the fence and watch me. I've now named all of them "Forest"...and yell "Run Forest! Run!" when I see them. My son who just happened to be home that weekend heard me yelling and was rolling on the floor.

    EG - I'm part redneck... I just need a shotgun!