Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes

Saturday was so cool and windy I didn't even want to go out into the garden but forced myself to get out there and do a little clean up. I started with the area in front of the man cave. This area was getting a little crazy...

Click on photos for a larger view

The strawberries in the window type planters were donated to a neighbor down the street who is farming their front yard. The sage and tarragon were transplanted into smaller pots. The trash can is my rain barrel which is now empty and can be stored away.

A quick sweep and a hose down and I was ready to redecorate.

That looks and feels much better now.

Now for the rest of the yard...

Sunday was a gorgeous day. Temperatures in the upper 70's and no wind. The photo below was taken Saturday when the beds were still covered with plastic to protect the summer crops from the wind and cool temps. 

Now that the weather is warming up it's time to get the outdoor living room set up.

I miss my sun shades! The new fence no longer has the 10 foot metal poles to support it so we are not sure the fence will be able to handle the pull of the wires and the weight of the shades. I will have to come up with a solution soon. 

Next up random photos taken this past week....

My very first cauliflower

Straight neck yellow squash.
Bush and vining summer squash.

Fox cherry tomatoes and zucchini.

The cucumbers in bed 2 are not doing very well this year.

View of beds 3 and 4.

Jujube cherry tomatoes.

Roma tomato.

Every garden needs flowers!

View from my living room.


  1. Your back yard is amazing. Lots of work but it looks like a totally relaxing space.

  2. Tami - Thank you so much! I love coming home from work and sitting out in the garden with a glass of wine. Very relaxing... my little piece of heaven. You would be surprised how little work it can really be. Since I started square foot gardening it has made it much easier for me.