Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nice Day

The weather was perfect... a nice 80 degrees in the garden today.

The to do list is as follows...

  • Harvest compost
  • Plant lettuce
  • Plant flowers
  • Harvest anything that looks ready
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If you don't like worms you may want to skip the next few photos...

The first fork of compost gave me a fork full of worms.

 Lots and lots of worms.

 My compost bin is more of an over sized worm bin. I don't have a good supply of browns when I have garden greens and when I have lots of browns I don't have greens. The worms do a great job making me black gold the only issue is the seeds don't get killed off without the high temps. It's not really a big deal since I square foot garden. I know where I have planted every seed so anything grows around them gets pulled out.

Hand full of worms.

 I was not happy to finds a few of these in the compost.... That's right it's a wireworm.

But I was really happy to see this... three bins full of compost ready to use in the garden.

Finished compost
Next up is planting lettuce seeds. I decided to plant them in the potato bins that are not being used for anything at the moment. I have noticed that this area is not getting as much sun as it use to. The tree right above it has grown out to the point that it now shades this area of the garden.

One bin has cut and come again and the other is head lettuce. I also covered both bins with fencing to keep the squirrels out.

Bed 2 with some summer flowers to bring in beneficial insects. Cosmos to bring in predators like hover flies and lacewings. Marigold for parasitoids like wasps and a sweet allysum will bring both predators and parasitoids.

Have you ever grown a rampicante zucchino?

Well if you have never grown one and are thinking about it you will need a very tall trellis. This plant stands at about 8 feet and is still growing. I'll take some more photos when it fruits.

And last be not least today's very small harvest...

Cucumber, strawberries and and the last of the spring raspberries.

It was a very nice day and I'm looking forward to a 4 day work week. We have a long weekend coming for the fourth of July and I tagged on four vacation days. It will be nice to be home for the week.


  1. You're so lucky! I never find many worms in my compost.. I think mine gets too dry, I need to move it away from the farthest point of available water.

    The weather has been perfect for gardening these past couple of days, hasn't it?

  2. Granny - Keeping it moist does help. You can also try adding some newspaper and kitchen scraps if you are not already doing that.

    Yes the weather has been amazing the last few days. I saw today that we are going to get rain on Tuesday. Rain? In June? Well... we will see if it really happens.

  3. I have been layering kitchen and garden waste with some lovely, but old, orchard grass hay for browns. At least it smells delightful!