Sunday, January 29, 2012

Let The Seed Starting Begin

Hello my name is Liisa and I'm a seed-aholic.

I spent the evening going through all my seeds and organizing them. Does any one person really need 25 different varieties of lettuce? Well apparently I do.

I only have to buy two of my favorites for this growing season, Baby Persian, "Green Fingers" Cucumbers and Mini Salad, "Baby Belle" Peppers from Renee's Garden. I have more than enough of everything else to get through the season maybe two. The seeds are nicely organized now.

 The pop-up greenhouse is up, the shelves are built and all the tools are in place. 

I will start most of the seeds in the micro 20 and "re-pot" to the 2" soil block when needed. Then plant out to the garden with the 2" blocks so timing will be everything this year.

I'll be testing the soil blocks with carrots, lettuce, spinach, snap peas, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. Wish me luck.


  1. It looks like you are ready to go! I think that we are all seed-aholics! It's a much better addiction then a lot of other things!!

  2. Wow...25 varities of lettuce? I just have 4. I need to get with the program! Your organization is get. All of mine are stuffed in a bag right now.

  3. Only 25 varieties? Beginner!

    I counted 24 varieties PLUS a mix from Southern Exposure Seeds "More than 60 different varieties of lettuce from Wild Garden Seeds -- lettuces of all colors, shapes, sizes, and textures, all mixed together in one packet!" Too bad the rabbit died. :-(

  4. Robin - Now if I just didn't need to go to that evil place that holds my paycheck hostage I could be working on my soil blocks.

    Tami - Well you better get on that and Granny calls me a beginner! ;-)

    Granny - Well if we are counting mixed varieties within the same pack... oh never mind you still win!

  5. I am completely envious of your organized seed collection. Want to come over and organize mine for me!?

  6. Prairie Cat - Thank you... don't be too envious. It's just a photo box with a bunch of seeds in it. :-)

  7. Seed box! I love your seed box! It's so organized and lovely.

    Enjoyed the blog and your writing style, will come here often! :)

  8. Reed - Thank you for stopping by. The seed box is a Creative Memories photo box I was not using. Little bit of over kill (when it comes to price) but it worked out really well. I found it funny that you like my writing style since
    1) I'm a woman of few words
    2) I HATE to write

    I'm glad you're here and I hope you can learn from my mistakes and leanings. Oh and feel free to school me :-)