Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Love Apple

Our cold temperatures continue...

Because of the cold weather I have not put up my greenhouse yet. By now I would have already started my spring and summer seeds. I'll give it another week and see how things go. 

This year I will not be starting my own tomato seeds. I am lucky enough to live with in diving distance to Love Apple Farm and will be trying some new varieties that are known to grow well in my area. Owner Cynthia Sandberg is known in these parts as the "Tomato Lady". She grows over 100 heirloom tomato varieties each year and sells them March through June. I had the opportunity to hear Cynthia speak at a gardening bootcamp last year and she brought tomato seedling for all of us to take home. I picked the Anna Russian and it was just wonderful. You can read Cynthia's story here Cynthia Sandberg. She is truly inspiring.

When will you be starting your seeds?


  1. Oh fun! How fantastic that you have such an awesome resource for heirloom tomatoes! What varieties do you think you'll grow this year?

    I wound up having a houseful of people last spring for a month and wound up killing my tom starts via neglect. It had a happy ending though because I found a new variety when I bought some starts from the nursery that did really well. This year I'll buy some seeds for that variety. =D

  2. Hi Jenn - I'm not sure yet. I'm waiting for her 2012 list to be released and then I need to do some research :-)

  3. We can't seem to get above 19F today, with freezing rain. Winter has definitely hit us, I guess it's time to plan this year's garden ;-)

  4. Granny, Stay warm! Rain is here so now it's back to lows in the 40's and high in the 50's. I won't get my greenhouse up for a least three more weeks. My next two weekends are booked. Have fun planning this years garden. Looking forward to seeing it.