Sunday, February 12, 2012

Two Small Projects

The weather was perfect this weekend to get a few things done in the garden. Saturday I started with the strawberry bed next to the kitchen door. What started as just a clean up of the bed turned into a mini project.

Strawberry Bed
As I was cleaning up the strawberries it occurred to me that this would be a perfect spot for an herb garden. All of my herbs are in pots on the other side of the yard. This area does not get any sun in the Fall and Winter and only gets a few hours of sun it the summer.

A few herbs in pots. Sage, Rosemary, Thyme and Oregano.
I think the herbs look much better here and will get more sun.

Herbs next to the kitchen door right where they belong.

I'll have to add a few more herbs.
 The strawberries were moved into the same bed as the raspberries.

Sunday: Today I wanted to take the potato bins down since they are no longer being used.

Once they were out I was wondering what to do with all the bricks I had stored behind the bins. I was also thinking I wanted a little more space between bed 2 and bed 5. Time for a redesign.

So I took it all apart...

...and put it back together...

There that's better. Bed 5 is a little small but taller. I'll plant flowers in this bed.

It will also be a nice place to sit and enjoy the garden.

Other things going on in the garden. The seed blocks are still holding up.

I think I better get the radishes planted into the garden
or I will need to pot them up into a 2 inch block.

Turnips and broccoli in 2 inch blocks. 

Carrots are sprouting.
 Random photos...

I still have lots of cleanup to do. Thank goodness this coming weekend is a three day weekend.

~Happy Gardening~


  1. Such a pretty garden. It must give you so much pleasure. I need to make the investment in more flowers and bulbs. Still a work in progress though so food before beauty...

  2. Tami, Thank you. Yes it does. From my kitchen to living room have floor to ceiling windows that look out to the garden and since there is only 19 feet from window to back of the garden and 30 feet side to side I can see every bit of it from the inside of the house. It's a must that it is visual appealing or it depresses me. Also I want to start encouraging more beneficial insects into the garden as I am starting to see a rise in bad bug population. So tonight I'm looking through all my flower seeds and doing some internet surfing on beneficial insects in my area and what flowers and plants attract them.