Saturday, March 10, 2012

Regrow Your Food and Other Stuff

I didn't know you could grow celery like this.....

I came across this blog post and thought I would share it with you.

In the garden today I will be starting more seeds. Cucumbers and peppers are on my list as well as rainbow quinoa. Did you know you can eat quinoa greens? I read they taste a bit like spinach and can be grown in part shade. I'm going to try to grow a small patch for both the greens and seeds which are high in protein and fiber.

I will also be working on my water lines in the beds this weekend. I want to add a shut off valve on each bed so I can control which beds are getting watered and when. Currently all the beds are hooked up to the same sprinkler line and I have no way of turning off each line as needed. I only have beds 2 and 3 planted and bed 4 is getting watered along with the rest and that is a waste. OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware) is having their "We Pay The Sales Tax" weekend so it will be a good day to get the needed parts for the project.

I'll leave you with  these two photos of the sunrise this morning... I was up at 5:30am making breakfast for my boys before they headed out to play golf. Small price to pay to get the house to myself for a few hours :-)

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