Saturday, March 3, 2012

Signs of Spring

It was an absolutely gorgeous day. My garden reached 70 degrees today and we are expecting 74 tomorrow. Next week we will be back down in to the mid to high 60's.

My garden is showing signs of Spring so I took some photos to share with you. Hope you enjoy them. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Click to enlarge. Can you see her?

Very busy bee

This vines is called "Hardenbergia Violacea" (Happy Wanderer Vine)

At one point I had three of these ladies buzzing around.


Avocado. I so hope I get fruit this year! 

Soil block seedlings. Turnips and Broccoli 

Cucumbers and melons in the greenhouse.


Carrots have been planted in bed 3

Turnips and broccoli in bed 2

My friend Lisa stopped by this morning for a visit and
surprised me with with a garden Fairy. Her new home
is in the herb garden. Thank You Lisa!
~ Happy Gardening ~


  1. That purple flowering bush is beautiful. What is it?

    1. Tami - It's called Hardenbergia Violacea (Happy Wanderer Vine) it blooms in late Winter through Spring in my area. I had it in my garden in full sun two years ago and the vines were easily 14 to 16 feet long and fast growing. I now have it in a large pot in mostly shade. It is growing slower which is OK with me. It will be easier to control...

      I'm not saying it's hard to control it's just that it can get big fast so you have to keep up on it if you don't want the vines to get to big. It is my favorite because it gives you blooms about the time you are sick of the Winter garden letting you know Spring is just around the corner :-)

  2. Looking good! We have had a few warm days, but we are mostly still stuck in the 50s... which I guess is actually pretty warm for early March!

    1. Prairie Cat - Thank you! The weather has been very different this year. More frost days and less rain. This time of the year we usually have wet and gloomy weather.

  3. Very lovely garden! and i love your herb signs. we're still below freezing at night so nothing growing outside just yet. Hopefully next week it will get a bit warmer so i can do my seeds outside.

    1. Jenny - Thank you! I'm not having much luck starting my lettuce seeds in the greenhouse this year. I'm going to try direct sowing and see if I have better luck... if I can keep the squirrels from digging them up.

  4. Oh, everything looks so nice and colorful! It will be awhile before we can enjoy these wonderful sights!

    Love the gift! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Robin -Thank you! I worked out in the garden all weekend! It was just beautiful. Our high today was 74. We will get cooler weather this week but that's ok I have to work all week. Hoping next weekend is as nice. My garden no longer has that Winter look :-)