Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Winter Garden... Gone!

I spent the whole weekend playing in the garden. I know I should have been cleaning the house or doing my taxes but I just could not keep my butt in the house. Every time I looked out the window I saw things that needed to get done outside and with the temps in the 70's how could you blame me.

My to do list:

  • Cut back the morning glory
  • Clean up the old herb area
  • Finish planting out the seedling
  • Sweep the patio
  • Trim potted plants as needed 
  • Water
The morning glory needs to be trimmed back every two years to keep it from turning into a rats nest. The photo below is the view from my living room looking at the MG.

Morning glory
View from living room
 This plant can get so crazy that it will grow into the spaces between the ceiling boards and into my living room... no kidding...

It's amazing how this plant will find it's way into the house every year.

There is so much more light in the house now. 

The area where I grew my herbs in pots before I moved them to the bed next to the kitchen door needed some serious clean up and rearranging. 



Now I'm ready to plant some flowers in this  area.
I planted the rest of the carrots I started in the greenhouse in the micro 20 soil blocks. All of the carrots had at least one to two sets of true leaves. They seem to be holding up just fine after transplanting.

I also planted out the beets and spinach I started in the micro 20 and transplanted into the 2 inch soil blocks. I have say I will not be going back to starting seeds in plastic cells. The soil blocks are so much easier to work with.

Everything is all cleaned up and I'm ready for the 2012 gardening season.

The photo below is the view from my living room.

Are you ready for the 2012 growing season?

~ Happy Gardening ~


  1. Everything looks great Liisa! I am so jealous of your weather right now! We are supposed to have a couple of real warm days starting tomorrow. I sure wish that the new community garden plots were tilled so I could start on my fencing

    1. Thanks Robin. It would be long now and you will be posting awesome photos of your garden!

  2. When I saw Granny's pile of Morning Glory clippings, I though to myself, I will never them again. I can see from your picture how easily they can become invasive in warmer climates.

    Soil blocks are great aren't they?

    1. Thomas, I've been lucky with the MG. I'm growing the Heavenly Blue and It's in a pot and does not produce a lot of seeds so I don't get little MG all over the garden. With that said I do how ever have to keep up on the vines to keep them in control. Granny grows Grandpa Ott I believe which I can't grow here because it would take over my garden within a season. It goes to seed very fast here and will germinate with in days of dropping. Ask me how I know ;-)