Thursday, January 20, 2011


And just when you thought there is no possible way this girl can fit one more thing into that garden of hers....

On my way home from work yesterday I stopped at Common Ground Organic Garden Supply and Education Center to pick up two blueberry bushes. I will be growing two low chill varieties, one called Southmoon and the other Misty. They will be grown in containers. For more info on how to grow blueberries in containers check out Dave Wilson Nursery.

MistySouthern Highbush — Early. In the west, Misty is quite vigorous, growing very well both on the coast and in the inland heat. This excellent fruit does well in areas with chilling as low as 150 hours and all areas with mild winters and hot summers.

Southmoon: Southern Highbush — Exceptional berries with superb flavor. Florida native with vigorous, upright character. Performs well in California both inland and coastal. Prefers light sandy soils. Chilling requirements are estimated to be between 200 and 300 hours.


  1. I have been thinking about growing blueberries in containers. I planted two blueberry bushes in one of my perrenial gardens two years ago and somebody keeps eating them.....branches and all!

  2. Oh how exciting! You are going to love them! We were lucky to have six or seven mature blueberry bushes on the property when we purchased it. I'm don't know the varieties, but they produce very well each year.

  3. I think you should expand, by gardening on the roof. Ha! I'm sure hubs would just love that idea...Anyway, i've got 3 bushes, and they really don't require any special care at all.

  4. Robin - What a bummer something is eating your bushes. I will need to cover mine with bird netting for sure as the blue jays would find them. They started on my raspberries last spring. From what I've read they are easy to grow in containers... We will see ;-)

    Muse - Yes it is and yes we will :-) I wish I had more day. I don't plan on living in this house the rest of my life since we are renting at the moment. I just hope when we do move I will be able to have a bigger garden space with sun year round.

    EG - Believe me I have thought of it! My husband does not like me going on the roof if he is not home and I can understand that. I did grow tomatoes up there but found it hard to keep everything well watered.