Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekend Project Part 2

All done with the garden chores. Below are the "after" photos. See my first post today for the "before" photos.

Bed 2 on the left. Bed 5 on the right next to the strawberries.
 I will be planting some vining  Summer squash on the arch
 (in the two little black patches).

View from the back of the garden next to the potato bins.

View from the compost bin.  
Bed 3. I still need to get the water line put in.
Bed 4 next to the compost area.
So tell me, what is your favorite mulch to use in your vegetable garden around your plants to keep in the moisture?


  1. Your garden looks all neat and tidy - just beautiful! I don't use mulch, but would like to try pine bark in the future...

  2. You are getting your gardens ready and I am waiting on a winter storm here in MS that our weather people are calling "The Beast"! Snow, about 5-8 inches, they say we're going to get! But, I have been thinking about gardening especially since we bought a couple of bell peppers at the grocery last week for $1.88 each. That's ridiculous! Cold weather will be here for a while, but I cannot wait to see your gardens come to life!

  3. Oh, to play in the dirt again! It will be a while for me so I will need to live vicariously through those of you in warmer climates.

    That soil looks so rich with the additional amendments and everything is so neat and organized. I mulch with compost and sometimes pine straw because it's free (we have pine trees on our property), but I would like to try some straw this year.

  4. EG - Thanks!

    Lisa - I'm hearing the price of food will continue to go up in 2011. I still have some bell peppers in the freezer from last season to get me through. Oh you make it through the storm OK.

    Muse - I played in the dirt all day today. I have used straw in the Haven garden and when I stopped by there yesterday I saw some of the seeds are starting to sprout. That would my only fear with straw... seeds.

  5.'re making Granny all itchy-twitchy! I want to go home and start my garden! Oh, wait. I can't start my garden until spring arrives.

    I used some old straw for mulch in 2009, and it didn't sprout any seeds at all. It composted into the soil, and wasn't even visible in 2010. I've begged Mr. Granny to help my bring in a couple of bales again this year. Begging doesn't always work. Notice I didn't get the wood chips I begged for last year :-(