Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekend Project

Checking the weather looks like we will be in for some more rain next week. That makes this weekend the perfect time to get some work done around the yard. This morning we went to Lyngso our local garden supply yard and pickup a few things...

1 yard of  Lyngso Vegetable blend
3 bags of Diestel Structured Compost (Turkey poo)
3 bags of Vermi Green Compost (lots of good stuff)
8 bags Wood Chips

Bed 2 will get most of the Lyngso Vegetable Blend and a top dressing of the compost.

Bed 2 before
Beds 3 and 4 will also get a top dressing of compost. I won't need to add much to these beds. I had already added home made compost to them two weeks ago.

All of the pathways will get a new layer of wood chips. Bed 2 may get some pak choy and carrots planted in them this weekend as well. My seeds have started to sprout and since they are both cool weather crops no harm in getting them into the garden from the cold frame.

I'll post after photos so you can see the results.


  1. Lucky you....Boy, I wish it was warm here and I could get some gardening done outside! It was 11 this morning when I got up!!

    I am getting a lot of garden planning done though.

  2. Robin - It warmed up to 50 degrees this afternoon. This morning when we went to the farmers market it was 43 degrees.