Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We Have Sprouts

When I got home from work today I made my way out to the greenhouse to check on things and guess what sprouted out of the carrots, onions, pak choy, bok choy, chamomile, stevia and dill seeds I planted on Jan 1st

I'll wait.......

If you guessed the pak choy and the bok choy then you would be correct. This is the first time I'm growing both of these greens and I'm very excited to see how they do.

This coming weekend I need to fill bed 2 with soil and get it ready for lettuce and carrot seeds. I have about three hours of sun in that bed with a little more each day as we move toward Spring... which is only 12 weeks away. Think about it most of you (living outside of Calif.) are just weeks way from staring some of your Spring crop seeds (indoors) and Summer crops are just around the corner. By the time you get your seed order placed and delivered it will be time :-)

Happy Dreaming of your 2011 Garden


  1. I know! You are such a tease... getting to get your starts going already. Oh I wish I was up to that... well I guess I'll have to enjoy the planning stages for now and check in more often to see how your garden grows. ^^

  2. Just doing my part to get you motivated :-)