Monday, May 18, 2009

Cucumbers, Shade and Half Moon Bay Nursery

I wandered out into the garden early Sunday morning to pick some baby cucumbers while the air was still cool.

The Baby Persian, "Green Fingers" Cucumbers are ready to pick between 3 to 5 inches. With three of mine measuring at 4 1/2 to 5 inches they were ready for picking. We ate one at lunch and one at dinner Sunday and boy were they good. Very light and crisp. I will grow these again next summer.

These lovelies weighed in at a total of 10.8 oz's.

It was nice and warm this past weekend. Saturday the yard reach 86 and Sunday came in at 90. The poor cucumbers on Saturday were wilting in the sun. On Sunday I pulled the shades over the yard and even though it was a little hotter the cucumbers were very happy not to have the sun beating down on them. The shades really do make a difference.

Photo Below: Shades over patio

Photo Below: I had to put shade cloth over the lettuce in bed 4. It worked really well.

Photo Below: The Hosta's did not like the hot sun at all. I had to cover them until I could get them moved into the carport. They are much happier in the carport where it stays cooler and shady. The front of the house looks a little nicer too. I'll have to remember to take a photo tomorrow.

Sunday morning Sweet Husband and I took a drive out to Half Moon Bay Nursery so I could pick up a few plants for my hanging baskets. I just love going to the Nursery in the Spring and Summer it is just so beautiful. I'll leave you to take a look for yourself... enjoy...

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Gardens are not made by sitting in the shade
Rudyard Kipling

Don't forget the sunscreen...


  1. Very nice....Are ya gonna make any pickles later? I can sure tell the background in the photos is of California. I've visited 6 times....

  2. Hi EG,

    No, no pickles this year. I hope that means you enjoyed your stay in California.


  3. hi love your blog.
    love mom

  4. Hi Liisa I am helping mom get set up to follow you :)

  5. Hi Mom!

    Glad you like it! :-)

  6. I think I may comment after every one of your posts just to tell you how beautiful your yard is. Looking at your pictures makes me feel like I'm there.

  7. Jen,

    How sweet! Thank you so much :-)