Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just checking in....

I see that I have picked up a few new followers over the past week or two. Thank you for following my blog.

Garden news... Not too much to do but watch everything grow and grow it is. I will post photos next week since I won't be around this weekend. I'm going to a scrapbooking retreat with my sister. I'm scrapping this years veggie garden. Should be fun!

I will leave my garden in the hands of my sweet husband. I will water and harvest anything that is ready Friday morning before I leave. That way he only need to keep an eye on the sugar snap peas and harvest if needed. He is really good at knowing when they are ready to pick. I'll have to teach him when to pull the raspberries. The rest can wait until I get home.

There will be about 30 women at the retreat. I only know a handful of them, but we all seem to have good time in our little clicks. I'll be sure to take photos and may even post a few photos this weekend while I'm there... we'll see how it goes.. it depends on how much wine I drink... I mean how focused I am in my scrapbook ;o)

Check back next week for a garden update.


  1. Liisa, have a ball! But hurry back to us, m-kay?


  2. I need a retreat of some kind....not scrapbooking, though. Blech! That's for girls...Ha!

  3. a scrapbooking retreat sounds like so much fun! i've only scrapbooked my nieces and nephew...the veggies garden sounds like a great idea. hope you post pics of it when it's finished! enjoy yourself, liisa! =)

  4. Granny,

    Thanks! I'll be back soon :-)


    You are such a boy :-)~


    It is a lot of fun... mostly just the girls getting away with no boys around (that was for EG) We will see how much scrapping really gets done between the wine and chit-chat But don't tell the boys that ;-)


  5. Hi Jenn,

    Yes it was. I had a nice time and got some more done on my "book". I'm doing digital scrapping for my garden book and pulled a lot from my blog. So all in all I laid out about 28 pages (that's only Jan and Feb 2009). Once the pages are cleaned up I will have them printed out (12"X12" photos from Costco)and put them into a book.