Friday, February 13, 2009

Between the Rain Drops

I took a vacation day today to give me a four day weekend. I woke to sunny sky's but knew it wouldn't last long. I wanted to get out into the yard and get a few things done before the rain started.

Today's to do list
*Added to compost bin and turn pile
*Cut back morning glory
*Take down old sun shade (making new shades)
*Transplant tomatoes and peppers into larger containers
*Start cucumber seeds
*Start watermelon seeds

I managed to get the first three items on my list done just as the rain started. The rest of the list was all greenhouse (cold frame) work. Below is a photo of the greenhouse after all the transplanting. Click on photo for larger view.


  1. Liisa, what are those large plants on the left (bottom)? They're huge! Looks like your propagation system is working great! As you can imagine, I have a huge weekend to do list too(as usual). Oh well, it's fun!


  2. Hi EG,

    Those would be my pumpkins. I was looking at them today and I think I see flower buds! Way too early! My guess is if they are buds I'll have to pinch them off. The roots are coming out of the bottom of the pot on the largest one. Note to self.. don't start pumpkin seeds in January!


  3. Nice setup, Liisa. So much nicer than the top of my microwave. Just wait until I get home next month though, I'll give you and EG a run for your money...LOL!


  4. Bring it on Granny! I want to learn from the master :-)