Sunday, February 22, 2009

Seed Starting Setup

This post is for Annie's Granny from Annie's Kitchen Garden

My seed starting area is nothing more than shelves in my greenhouse (cold frame) with the following items...

Seed starting trays $5.00 each at Wal-Mart
2 Flourescent lights fixtures cheap $9.00 model
4 white flourescent bulbs (can't remember what I paid)
2 Heat Mats not so cheap around $25.00 each. I bought them last year. You can use an old heating pad.
4 Coleman Emergency Blankets about $2.00 each

I used two coleman emergency blankets draped over the top, back and sides of the shelves. I use the other two draped over the front to retain the heat and to keep the glow of the greenhouse from bothering the neighbors at night.

It stays nice and toasty at about 65 to 69 degrees when it's all closed up with the heating mats on and the lights left on until 11:00 P.M. Even with the night time temps in the low 40's mid 30's. We only get a week or two of frost in Jan and Feb.

I hope this have given you some ideas for your setup.


  1. That's definitely an idea for part of the new shed we're building this year, or even for the garage. I am really hoping I can get the shed builder to frame in a lean-to on the east side of the shed that can be covered with clear panels and serve as a real (albeit small) greenhouse. Of course, I don't want it taking up precious garden space, so it kind of depends on how big Mr. H wants the shed.

    Thank you for my very own special for me post!

  2. Granny,

    You are very welcome. I hope I was able to help. Good luck with getting your greenhouse.