Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Last Frost Date , Potatoes and New Books

“They” say today is the last frost date for my area. I walked out to the back yard this morning at 5:30 A.M. to find a lite blanket of frost covering everything. Will this be the last of it?… I think we’ll get one or two more days after the rain we are to get the rest of this week and into next.

Today I planted two of my four varieties of potatoes in potato bed 2. Potato bed 1 is still not getting the full sun it needs. Oh and potato bed 3 is now a strawberry bed. My berries will be here next week.

I planted the following two varieties..

Bintje Heirloom since 1911 and most widely-grown yellow variety in the world. High yielder of medium-sized tubers, keeps exceptionally well, grows anywhere and has excellent flavor anyway you fix them. Yellow/brown skin, creamy yellow flesh. Makes great oven fries!”

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Red Norland Anxious for the first red potatoes from your garden? This is the one you want. Earliest red we sell. Very smooth skin, white flesh, good yielder of medium to large sized consistent tubers with shallow eyes. Stores well and is very popular in the potato belt.”

I will plant the other two in about a weeks...

Early Rose An old American heirloom, Early Rose has a smooth pinkish red skin and delicious white flesh streaked with red. A favorite back in it’s day, it’s fun to grow, harvest and sample raw. A spud with a great heritage, Early Rose is the parent to Burbank s famous potato and then the offshoot discovered in Colorado called Russet Burbank.”

Yukon Gold Our best seller and an excellent keeper. Attractive, smooth, thin yellow skin, shallow eyes, yellow flesh and uniform yields. Lends itself well to any method of potato preparation. Immensely popular since its 1980 release from Canada. If you like your fried potatoes golden brown, Yukon Gold will almost turn that color by themselves.”

And the best for last....I received my copies of Square Foot Gardening and All New Square Foot Gardening (both by Mel Bartholomew) today. Time for a glass of wine and a good book.


  1. Liisa, you're little potato garden looks great! I really like the aesthetics of the pavers.


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  3. Thanks EG!
    They were once a flower bed now a potato bed :-)

  4. Save a glass of the wine. After you're done with Mel's books, try Organic Gardening by Geoff Hamilton. The book gives you detailed information on everything from compost to tree trimming to how to make a window box. I usually reserve books on-line so I can just run in and grab them from the library, but this is one I'd actually like to keep.

  5. Cheryl,

    Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out for sure.
    I'm only 79 pages into Mels book and am rethinking what I can grow... all in a good way.