Sunday, February 8, 2009

Reclaiming Mother Earth Part 2

This is where we left off yesterday. We completed building bed 3
and most of bed 4. I cleared the area where bed 4 would be installed.

Click on photos for larger view.

I started the day by going to the hardware store to pick up some more wood screws to complete bed 4. The sky is starting to cloud over, with the threat of rain later in the day. The plan is to get both beds installed and potato bin 3 and maybe a 4th one if there is room built before the rain.

Bed 4 is in, now it’s time to move all that dirt into the bed so I
can clear the area for bed 3 Remember what I said yesterday
about not needing to go to the gym….

Out come the pavers and the old trellis. They will all be put to good use later.

Bed 3 goes in and half the soil from bed 4 brought in. I had enough soil from the flower bed to fill both beds about half way. I topped them off with organic compost and organic garden soil I picked up at the hardware store.

Making sure the trellis is the right fit.

Turns out bed 4 had to be brought down to a 7 x 4 bed. The pole holding up the fence and the way the fence is built in that area only gave us 7ft 3inches to work with. Bed 3 is a perfect fit at 8 x 4.

The 3rd potato bin is in. I was hoping to fit a 4th one
but it would be a tight fit and would leave me with
little room to get to the end of bed 3.

Looking out from the potato bins

View from the roof.

I finished putting all the garden tools away and made my way into the house about 5:10... at 5:18 it started to rain.

A big thank you to my sweet husband for all his help this weekend.


  1. Good job! And hubs did a fine job constructing those boxes, too! Aw man, you're gonna have an excellent garden this year. I can't wait to see the photos later...


  2. Thanks EC!

    Yes hubs did a great job this weekend! Hoping for sun this coming weekend so we can put up the trellises.


  3. Looks good! Makes me want to throw some seeds in there. ;^)

  4. Liisa, beautiful job, I'm loving your layout! Three potato bins sound good. I'm only planning one 3x4 potato bed this year because I have some structural additions to do on my main garden that will be taking priority over new beds/bins. Watching your garden take shape makes me want to get home and get building!

    BTW, is anyone else having a problem with your "word verification"? It takes several tries before it shows me a word to verify!


  5. Jenn,

    I know I want get planting for sure. Soon very soon!

  6. Granny,
    Thanks so much. I think it's going to look really nice. I'm sure the three potato beds will work out just fine. I may even convert one to a strawberry bed. I do have four different types of potato seeds to grow this year... Can I put two different types in the same bed? They are all early. As for your P.S. No one has said anything. I didn't even think I had that setting on?

  7. No problem at all with putting two or more varieties of potatoes in the same bed.

    I found the only way I could get the word to show was to sign in from your page. Then I didn't have a problem. Otherwise it would tell me to enter the word, but there was no word there to enter!

  8. Granny,

    Thanks for the potato info. This is great news for me. Now I have room for my strawberries. I should be getting them this week.

    I'll check my setting and see if there is something I can do. Thanks for the heads up on the issue.