Sunday, March 15, 2009

First 2009 Harvest

Today I was able to harvest some butterhead lettuce for our dinner tonight.
It weighed in at 2.4 oz

There is nothing like fresh lettuce right out of the garden.

While I was out playing I took photos of some bugs. I have no idea if these are good or bad bugs. So I posted the photos on GardenWeb in the Pest Forum to ID them.

This first one I found hanging out on the celery.

This one was flying around the carrots. Could it be a carrot fly?

This one was in potato bin 2

This guy is on my red norland potato. Looks to be an assassin bug, but I'm not sure.

Once I get an ID on each of these I will update this post.

The seedlings are doing very well in the greenhouse today. The first planting of the bicolor corn should be ready to plant out into bed 2 in just a few more days.

Five more days until Spring!


  1. Liisa, I don't recognize any of those insects. I've seen the second one in my garden. Congatulations on your first harvest!


  2. Thanks EG!

    I was looking up carrot flies and I think that is the second bug photo I posted. I still haven't gotten a relpy from garden web. Once I figur out what they are I will post the names.


  3. I'm no expert but it does look like Carrot Fly, a Parasitic Wasp of some kind and that last one's tricky, not sure what it is, it's not an assassin bug I know that much.

  4. Thanks Jenn. I know Carrot Flies are bad. But what about the Parasitic Wasp.. good or bad?
    I'm going to have to do some reading.


  5. From my brief reading on it, seems they can parasitize everything from aphids to caterpillars to lady bug larva. I'm sure different wasps prey on different types of bugs so I guess you'll have to dig a little to find out what kind of wasp it is. Have you checked with your local county extension office (website) to see if they have any info on bugs that are common in your area?

  6. Thanks Jenn. That was going to be my next stop. I'm hoping they will do a photo ID by email.