Saturday, March 28, 2009


It felt more like summer in my backyard today. Weather man said it would be in the mid 70's. My yard was 80 at the hottest part of the day.

I worked a little in each bed today. In bed 1 I tied the cherry tomatoes to the arch.

All four cherry tomatoes have a cluster of flowers.

The spring onions are looking good.

Bed 2: The cucumbers are adapting well in their new home.

While I was giving the cucumbers a once over to make sure I didn't have any pests, I came upon what I think is a wasp. When I was taking the photo I noticed I could see right throught it. Turns out it is just a shell. There is a split down the center of it's back.

The cucumbers were out growing the hoop row covers so I made them a new home. This should give them plenty of room to grow until it's time to take the cover off.

Flowers in bed 2

The bell peppers in bed 3 are doing ok. I have a few runts that have not grown much. I'm sure that will change once it gets warmer.

I planted the spaghetti squash and round zucchini in bed 4.

I also covered the squash and zucchini to give them a fighting chance from the pests.

I fenced off the area were the sugar snap peas are growing. I will plant pole beans in here as well.

Potato bed 2 is looking great.

That's it for today. Tomorrow will be all about making the sun shades and planting a few more corn, bush and pole beans in the greenhouse.


  1. You are always so busy, and your garden shows the love, care and hard work you put into it. I just love reading your blog and seeing your photos...but they make me jealous ;-)

  2. Thank you Granny for the kind words. I can't wait to see your garden in full works this year.

    Talk about being jealous... I would love to have your garden size. You have a nice big space to garden in. I have to pick and choose what I can do and really limit myself... though it does force me be a little more creative :-)


  3. Liisa, I just made mine 48sf larger by boxing in the paths between four of the beds. It looks a bit odd, as the boards are 2" lower than the 4x4 square beds, but I had to fight Mr. H just to get the 10" boards instead of the 12" that I wanted. I sometimes think he's coming around to this raised bed gardening though...occasionally I see a glimmer of enthusiasm!

    Your beds run toward beauty, while mine run more toward functionality. Hopefully I'll have a bit more beauty this year, if I can find room for all the flowers I've started.

  4. Granny,

    You will be posting photos, right? I think the beds being 2" shorter would give it some visual interest you could play off of. I bet you will make it look great.

    Yes beauty is important only because you can see it all from the living room and kitchen... and yes it's in my nature to have beauty around me.

    You keep working on Mr. H and in no time he will be taking over the gardening... oh wait what am I saying ;-)


  5. liisa - everything looks great! I see that you have some row covers...where did you get them?


  6. Thanks EG!

    The row covers you see in the photos I ordered from Territorial Seed Company. I can also get something called Plant and Seed Blanket made by Easy Gardener at my local OSH (Orchard Supply & Hardware) The covers from my local OSH I don't like as much... it more like a plastic than a cotton like material.


  7. It's all been said. Your yard looks great. That cucumber leaf looks HUGE.

  8. I agree with Granny - your beds are always so tidy and lovely. I can hardly wait to see them in full bloom. Oh and 80°?! How delightful! ::is a little jealous::

  9. Yes, your garden is very pretty. I really like that little bed that is surrounded by the white wrought iron. Great idea. So shabby chic.
    By the way the little hoop..What type of wire is that under the fabric. The wire looks white and they stand up perfectly straight. I need to do something like that. Where did you get it or what did you make it out of? I believe its the 6th picture down. Thank you

  10. Cheryl and Jenn,

    Thank you. I can hardly wait to see everything in full bloom!


  11. Daisy,

    Thanks so much. I really like the way the little wrought iron bed turned out too. It will look really nice with the pole beans in there too.

    For more info on the hoop covers... I just wrote a post about it. Hope it gives you some ideas.